10 Afro-Latina Small Businesses You Should Support

Afro-Latina small businesses BELatina Latinx
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Afro-Latinas are creating many small businesses that provide necessary, beautiful, and culturally relevant products. From home decor to skincare to handbags, Afro-Latinas create products that affirm culture and elevate your daily routines. 

There are several reasons to support small businesses, including putting money directly back into families and communities, helping families work towards greater financial stability, and establishing generational examples of business ownership. Below is a list of 10 Afro-Latina small businesses you can shop today.

MicMas Remix

After attending Cosmetology school, Afro Puerto Rican business founder and owner, Adassa was inspired to create her own hair care business. Using her personal experiences of struggling with finding brands that worked with her hair and rude comments made by people, Adassa set out to create something that would work with her hair and for people who had hair like hers. MicMas Remix uses 100% pure and organic ingredients in their products, so you can not only look great but feel safer knowing what is in the product. 

Jam + Rico Jewelry 

You will find gorgeous Caribbean-inspired jewelry via this Jamaica and Puerto Rican-founded business. Jam + Rico Founder Lisette Scott cites her grandparents as her inspiration for learning more about their culture and lives to inform the beautiful jewelry pieces she designs and offers. You can shop the Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Aruba collections to get gorgeous island vibe pieces you can rock anytime. 


Inspired by a conversation she had with one of her cousins on a trip to the Dominican Republic, Skinergy Beauty Founder Priscilla Jiminian was moved to start her own skincare brand. After continuously being frustrated with products not helping her skin blemishes, she started testing out her own formulas on her own skin. After a while, people enthusiastically responded to how much clearer and vibrant her skin looked. This led her to get together a team of chemists and labs to make the product for consumers. Learn more about Priscilla in this BeLatina exclusive interview.

Bubbly Moon Naturals 

To Afro Puerto Rican business owner, Marshalla, her business, Bubbly Moon Naturals, feels like a continuation of her family’s knowledge of using plants to care for and heal skin needs. Bubbly Moon is a vegan and eco-friendly brand offering you a range of products to care for yourself while being good for the environment. From foot scrubs to natural deodorants to salves, Bubbly Moon has something to help keep your body moisturized and happy. 

Afro Girlie 

A great handbag can change your life. No one knows this more than Afro Girlie founder Leanna Castillo. The Afro-Latina entrepreneur founded Afro Girlie with the mission of making sure that all people, regardless of socioeconomic level, would be able to have a great bag they can be proud of. The store offers bucket bags, cute faux fur bags, and more. Check out the full range of sizes, designs, and handbags via their site

The Editorial Nails

Gracie J is the founder of The Editorial Nail, a reusable press-on nail brand that has gorgeous designs you will literally want to wear over and over again. Hailing from Haiti, Gracie is making an impact in the nail scene. Since its founding in 2014, the company has worked with brands like Fenty Skin, MTV, and Nickelodeon. If you watched and enjoyed the TNT show, Claws you have seen Gracie’s work all through season one, during which she was the Lead Nail Stylist of the show. Add some extraness to your everyday life with The Editorial Nail.

Luna Magic Beauty 

Afro Dominican sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías founded their cosmetics business, Luna Magic, together in 2019. The sisters are from Washington Heights, New York City, and find motivations for their colors, designs, and product names from the places they’ve lived, the novelas they watch, and the music they enjoy when creating their Los Angeles-based business products. In 2021 the sisters appeared on Shark Tank and successfully pitched ‘the sharks’ their business! You can stop by their many products, including lips, eyes, nails, and brushes, via their website

Clay Jewels by Jules 

Juliana is the owner and founder of Clay Jewels by Jules, a handmade jewelry line specializing in clay earrings that make a statement. Juliana founded the business in November 2020 after years of window shopping and not finding many options that she liked online. Her curiosity about the use of clay and a desire to ‘just give it a try’ led to her teaching herself how to make these vibrant clay jewels to shop via their Etsy store. You can learn more about Juliana and her business by watching her previous interview with BELatina’s Virtual Pop Up Shop series.

Electro Luxe

Afro Latina founder Miracle founded Electro Luxe after leaving her corporate role of 8 years. Electro Luxe offers affordable quality neon lights/signs via their store. Using her hometown of Miami, Florida, as inspiration, she decided to launch her neon light business in 2020. Electro Luxe offers already made signs with motivational and affirming statements and the option to place a custom order with your own ideas.  Literally, light up your life — and space — by supporting this Afro-Latina business.  

Lush Beauty by Kiara 

Kiara is the Afro Puerto Rican business owner of Lush Beauty By Kiara LLC. Lush Beauty By Kiara LLC offers a range of body souffles, body oils, and other body and home care products. Check out their body souffles which come in various scents, and their range of wax melts, which will have your home smelling like heaven. Shop their full inventory of products via their website

Whether you are shopping for yourself or others, the above Afro-Latina-owned businesses offer a wide range of products for your body and your home that you can support today.