These Are 15 of Our Favorite Latinx-Owned Brands on Etsy

Latinx-owned brands on Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Cultured Kinfolk/Etsy

Etsy has long been trusted as a place to get unique and cool products from small, indie artists. Everything has to be handmade, vintage, or craft supplies, guaranteeing that what you receive was created with love and care by an actual person. This means that when you shop Etsy, you are not only buying something you like for yourself or as a gift, but you are also supporting someone’s dream. 

Within the Etsy universe, there are so many Latinx artists who are repping the culture(s) with products that we instantly want to click “Add to Cart.” We want to support them and fill you in on where you should be shopping, so we created this shoppable guide to 15 of our favorite Latinx-owned brands on Etsy. 

Selenia Beauty

Regina Bultrón Bengoa is the Afro-Puerto Rican behind the nail polish brand Selenia Beauty. The Latinx-owned brand is named after Regina’s abuelita, and features must-buy shades that shout out Puerto Rican and Latinx culture, like Anacoana, Decolonized “Nude,” and La Agrado. (Note: her Etsy store is currently on vacation but will be back soon.)

Available at

Magic Mood Art Con Mucho Amor Card Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Magic Mood Art/Etsy

Magic Mood Art

Why send a boring, run-of-the-mill greeting card when you can send one filled with Latinx nostalgia?! That’s precisely what you get with Magic Mood Art’s cards — icons like Walter Mercado, a bottle of Fabuloso, and Frida Kahlo. Added bonus? The brand also has Latinx-themed ugly Christmas sweatshirts. 

Con Mucho Amor Card, Available at, $5.00

La Bowdega

“Glitter, sweat, and ganas” is what’s behind Megan J.’s La Bowdega, a Latinx-owned brand on Etsy. The result is adorable handmade plastic earrings in the shape of things like conchas, hearts, and Disney characters; sarape badge reels; a Virgencita “bling bracelet,” and more.  

Pan Dulce Earrings Cochinito – Heart Conchas, available at, $6.80-$17.00 (for all three)

Mundo Latinx Somos el Futuro Sweatshirt Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Mundo Latinx/Etsy

Mundo Latinx

We love brands that make clothing that speaks our minds for us. And we love them even more when they’re Latinx-owned. Luna’s Mundo Latinx makes tees, sweatshirts, hats, and stickers emblazoned with sayings like “Somos el Futuro,” “Feminista,” and “Support Your Local Chingonas.” 

Somos El Futuro Unisex Sweatshirt, Available at, $34.99-$43.99

Simply Latina Cuidate Bien Self-Care Box Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Simply Latina/Etsy

Simply Latina

We are here for any brand that makes self-care kits. Simply Latina does that, with a Latinx twist, that includes a tumbler that reads “Cuidate Bien,” lavender hemp soap, a lavender bath bomb, chamomile, and lavender loose tea with two honey sticks, and your choice of one of Simply Latina’s scented soy candles. There are other self-care kits to choose from, as well as stickers, T-shirts, face masks, and individual candles.

Cuidate Bien Self-Care Box, Available at, $45.99

Photo: Woodgems (Conreysa)/Etsy
Photo: Woodgems (Conreysa)/Etsy



Hailing from Managua, Nicaragua, Karina Reyes’ Woodgems creates stunning wood bowls, trays, and platters that are almost too beautiful to use for food (they would make for perfect decor pieces!). Materials include teak, carboncillo, cocobolo, guacamayo, amarello, and guayacan wood. 

Wood Bowl No.160679- Natural Edge Teak Wood, Available at, $160

Gem Accessories Shop Amor Bracelet Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Gem Accessories Shop/Etsy

Gem Accessories Shop

We think it’s safe to say that Latinxs have a healthy obsession with jewelry. Gloria Avina of Gem Accessories Shop makes pieces that you will want to add to your jewelry box. Like this “amor” bracelet, you’ll find similar bangles with the words including “Latina,” “familia,” “jefa,” “chula,” and “queen.” Other jewelry pieces include necklaces that also show the world who and what you are. 

Amor Bangle Bracelet-Gold, available at, $22

Jen Zeano Designs Ponte Las Pilas Power Bank Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Jen Zeano Designs/Etsy

Jen Zeano Designs

Jen Zeano Designs, whose tagline is “rad things for free spirits,” is known for clothing, accessories, and other must-haves in fun pops of color and words that uplift and empower. One of their items we thought was not only cute but very useful is the Ponte Las Pilas Power Bank. Not only can you charge your electronics with it, but you also get a reminder to also charge yourself up and seize the day. 

Ponte Las Pilas Power Bank, Available at, $28

Cultured Kinfolk Celia Cruz Sweatshirt BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Cultured Kinfolk/Etsy

Cultured Kinfolk

Janet Luz Sackey is the Dominican-Ghanaian behind Cultured Kinfolk. On her Etsy page, she describes it as “a holistic lifestyle brand that affirms, reflects, and empowers historically oppressed communities, culture, spirituality, art, and aesthetics through a shop, events, and content.” The result is clothing, art, face masks, stationery, and more speaking loud and proud about Black icons, being Afro-Latina, important words, and crucial truths. 

Celia Cruz, Available at, $39.99

Simply MPR My Heart is in PR Necklace Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Simply.M/Etsy


Mariym D.’s Simply.M is a love letter to Puerto Rico. The Latinx-owned brand features gold-filled jewelry in the shape of the island, hearts, coquis Tainos, garitas, and more, in addition to other jewelry that isn’t Puerto Rico-specific but still fabulous. This golden necklace allows you to rock three different PR charms for three unique looks.  

My Heart is in PR, Available at, $45

Seelene La Moon Virgencita Planter Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Seelene La Moon/Etsy

Seelene La Moon

Celebrating your Latinx culture(s) doesn’t just extend to clothing and accessories. You want your home to reflect who you are, and brands like Seelene La Moon create home decor that serves that purpose. Seelene La Moon’s Etsy shop is home to the Frida Kahlo planter, the Virgencita planter, catrina magnets, artsy house facades, and hand-painted mugs, alongside beaded jewelry and more. 

Virgencita Planter, Available at, $10-$12 (with succulent)

Karla and Co. Soraya Montenegro Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Karla and Co./Etsy

Karla and Co.

Cool Latinx-owned brands on Etsy will take iconic and nostalgic moments in our lives and deliver them back to us in the form of products we can live without. This can include artistic interpretations of quotes we grew up hearing, people we watched on TV, and musicians we listened to. Karla and Co. makes tees with legends like Selena and Soraya Montenegro, tees that say things like “seguro que yes,” and even has the cutest tostón-shaped coin purse. 

Starts Drama in Spanish – Soraya Montenegro, Available at, $20-$23.20

Mimster Shop Co. Pupusa Socks Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Mimster Shop Co./Etsy

Mimster Shop Co.

How did we survive before knowing that there are pupusa socks out in the world?! This adorable shout-out to everyone’s favorite dish from El Salvador is courtesy of Mimster Shop Co. The entire Etsy store is a shout-out to El Salvador and its people, in the form of novelty socks, pins, mugs, stickers, shirts, jewelry, and more. 

Pupusa Socks, Available at, $10.75

Cortez Made Co. No Me Jodas Mug Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Cortez Made Co./Etsy

Cortez Made Co.

Sometimes, we all want a coffee mug that warns everyone to stay away until we are fully caffeinated. Thankfully, Cortez Made Co. made this hilarious mug that shares this sentiment en Español. The brand, from Danielle Cortez, has an Etsy shop that features tons of fun and funny mugs, stickers, zipper pouches, prints and cards, clothing, and more that speaks to the Latinx experience. Added bonus? You can get a cool custom-made digital watercolor print of you and/or your loved ones. 

No Me Jodas Coffee Tea Mug, Available at, $15.99

Kuska Peru Malachite Mirror Etsy BeLatina Latinx
Photo: Kuksa Peru/Etsy

Kuska Peru

If you haven’t witnessed the ornate beauty of Peruvian mirrors, go and Google them right now. Or, head over to Kuksa Peru’s Etsy store. There, you’ll be mesmerized by the craftsmanship of these stunning pieces, as well as by figurines hand-painted by artisans in the highlands of Peru and other fabulous home decors. 

Malachite Accent Mirror Triple Frame Pattern in Reverse, available at, $129.99-$199.99