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15 Latinx Tik Tok Creators That Should Be On Your Radar

15 Latinx Tik Tok Creators That Should Be On Your Radar BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

Tik Tok had been out since 2014 prior to its booming success in 2020. It initially took over the social media platform, Musical.ly, where its users create short videos of themselves lip-synching. 

Now, there are over 1 billion active users on Tik Tok utilizing the platform for its amazing 15-30 second videos whose genres vary from page to page. The types of videos people view often have to do with the designated curated space for each user known as the “For You Page.” It’s probably one of the most intelligent social media platforms (in terms of algorithm) out there at the moment. 

Many people tried to fight the urge to join the fast-growing social media, especially since it was once considered a place only fit for Gen-Z. However, Millennials, Gen X, and even Boomers followed suit during the lockdowns, and some haven’t been able to put it down since then.  

I mean, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

Its prominence has allowed its users to become acquainted with more content creators than usual from all over. However, I went ahead and compiled a few of the Latinx Tik Tokers that are making waves in the highly entertaining app. 

Go check them out and give them a follow if possible. 


Twenty-four-year-old Mexican content creator, Jesus Morales (Juixxe), is using Tik Tok to help street vendors of San Diego. His videos often show him donating large amounts of money to these vendors. He helps raise these funds via his account and is constantly paying it forward. 

Morales knew Tik Tok could be life-changing and proves it every time he uploads a post.


What a small world 🥺🙏🏽 #juixxe

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers


In my eyes, Vanesa Amaro is a superstar on “#CleanTok,” the sub-category of Tik Tok that promotes cleaning. She has been using Tik Tok to destigmatize the typical narrative of a Latina housekeeper. To achieve this, she has been teaching everyone about the unique knowledge of those who clean houses for a living and how their work is so much more than what meets the eye. Amaro has managed to help people clean their homes more efficiently all through her social media (both in English and Spanish!). In fact, I now can’t live without Bars Keepers Friend and Scrub Daddy sponges, and it’s all because of her virtual advice. As if she couldn’t wow us anymore, she is now cleaning houses for free for less fortunate people. 


#greenscreenvideo #cleaningtiktok #clean #cleantok #cleaning

♬ Locket – Oui Lele


Paola Garcia, the mastermind behind the account @AfroLatinxUnited, is an educator who is not afraid to dive into difficult topics. Her content often revolves around the complexities of the Latinx community, such as the underlying layers of racism within the community. Garcia’s insights are thought-provoking, engaging, and necessary. 


#afrolatinx #latinamerica #latinamerican #culture #latinos #latino #latina #dominican

♬ original sound – Paola Garcia


Maria Paula is a Latina Tik Toker who is helping women reclaim their bodies through dance. Her content is energetic and vibrant. She hosts Zoom dance classes as well as in-person dance classes in Miami. 


♬ original sound – vrywvy


At first glance, this account, whose username can be translated to “history for dummies,” may seem like its sole purpose is for comedic relief. You’ll notice that most videos are created with a green screen-like feature where only the eyes and mouth of the Latinx creator protrude through a photo of the world map in an attempt to bring the map to life. However, aside from its humoristic presentation, each mini segment spotlights historical facts usually pertaining to Latin America. He often calls out countries known for being colonizers, and, I’m not going to lie, it is pure gold. 

Photo courtesy of Tik Tok @Historyparatontos


You’ve probably seen Keishla before, as some of her videos have gone viral on both Tik Tok and other social media like Instagram. And she definitely lives up to the hype. She is Asian and Latina, something people are not used to seeing. Thankfully, she doesn’t mind calling out people who try to question her identity or anyone’s identity, for that matter. Aside from putting people in their place, she entertains people with educational and funny videos. 



♬ El chisme está very good lizthewiz – Liz Trevi


Andrea Mora carefully creates content to help out the community gain knowledge on marketing and business. Mora helps her audience shift their mind into practices that will aid in success. Her videos are relatable, to the point, and educational enough to provide real-life results. 


Emotional marketing using power, wealth, dominance & influence💡 #marketingtips #emotionalmarketing #brandingtips #prtips

♬ original sound – amanda


The Puerto Rican/ Honduran Los Angeles-based creator of As If TV is a gem everyone needs to encounter. Their videos often touch upon the nuances of the Spanish language. Nonetheless, they mainly create educational videos using humor. Check out one of their ASMR videos if you need something to brighten your day. 


Fancy #Spanish #ASMR 7 #LearnOnTikTok #LearnTok #ChipsGotTalent #TikTokLatino #Latinx #Español #xyzbca #StarWarsDay #TeachersOfTikTok

♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat


Rebecca Huffman’s page focuses on food (typically Puerto Rican), family, and random tips. Her energetic personality transfers into each of her posts. A scroll through your content will have anyone believing they can do anything she advises. She’s just that good! 


Answer to @nitz___ Thank God for the new feature of longer videos! Combined two old videos to answer this. #flan #MakeMomEpic #fyp #delicious #food

♬ original sound – Rebeca Huffman


Carlos Emmanuel’s page is all about the vibes. His signature post includes him with a drink in his hand (typically coffee) and dancing music in the background. It is incredible to watch him dance to these tunes without spilling his drink. In short, his page is where the party is at, and we all know how much the Latinx community loves to rumbear. 


LMFAO my coffee spilled for the 1st time 💀 weekend on a latinx/hispanic household were elite!! (sound by @vanessacsirias ) #hispanic #vibes #classics

♬ original sound – Vanessa Sirias


Katherine G. Mendoza is a writer, producer, voice actor, and podcaster. However, on Tik Tok, she is increasingly becoming known for the creation of “Motha.” Motha, which connotes “mother,” is all-seeing and is constantly bringing us the best chisme of the world. It’s fun content that’s easy to digest and almost guaranteed to make viewers laugh. She, too, uses the natural geography of the Earth and brings it to life thanks to the green-screen commodities of Tik Tok. 


Motha #earth only wants a few things for her birthday. #earthday #latinaearth #latina #planet #WorthTheWait

♬ In Da Club – 50 Cent


Guatemalan creator Jorge Soto initially started his page to highlight his love for Hispanic food. Of course, included in the mix was the milky beverage, horchata. However, as he’s gained popularity, followers, now known as Horchatas, have shown loyalty by personally investing themselves in the growth of this account. But, in the end, it’s all in good fun!


ITS BACK BABY #hispanic #latino #sharktank #tvshows #storytime

♬ original sound – Jorge Soto


Surthany Hejeij is a Venezuelan/Lebanese Tik Tok creator. She isn’t the most talkative person in her videos. But, she does allow us to glide into her beautiful kitchen while she silently models recipes. It’s almost therapeutic. The recipes she chooses are eclectic, so you won’t be limited to only one cuisine. 


Responder a @pekepinpon acompañame a preparar nutella casera, rápida y mas economica #fitness #healthy #aestethic #postressaludables

♬ paravi das cover of cloud 9 by beach bunny – paravi (par-O-vee) 💖🌻🦋✨


Edison Lopez is a charismatic creator who constantly shines lights on his experience in the states away from Puerto Rico. You can catch him poking fun at non-Boricuas using slang from reggaeton songs, attempting to dance, fact-checking people on things relating to La Isla del Encanto. His colorful content also speaks on other important issues happening around the world. 


@kallyeskally I hope I made sense 😂😂🇵🇷🇵🇷 #boricuaslang #boricua #slang

♬ original sound – Edison

@ JesusAcevedox43

Jesus Acevedo has created a following of comadres with his light-hearted content that has proven to be relatable to many in the Latinx community. He’ll talk about extremely strict parents (which many of us grew up with), chismosos, and the many theatrics of Latinx families. Seeing his videos really makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a comadre, and there’s no denying how much I love el bochinche. 


 they don’t got to know my business#fyp #nalgon #mexicantiktok #hispanic #desmadre #lavisita #comadre #funny #relatable #memories #TikTokGGT

♬ original sound – ✨ Drea Carson ✨

I’m sure there are many more Tik Tok accounts with phenomenal content by Latinx creators. So, if you believe we need to feature a particular account or accounts, feel free to send them in. We must support one another after all!