The Racial Equity Forum is Providing Necessary Tools To Tackle Racial Tension

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“[The Racial Equity Forum] was created in direct response to the racial tension and unrest in our country…whether it’s climate emergency, health in communities, human trafficking–inequity is always found,” shared forum moderator, Zakiya E. Larry.

The 2020 Racial Equity Forum was a virtual event that took place last Wednesday to provide everyone with the necessary tools for change. The 3-day Global Leaders Conference brought together leaders from all walks of life, such as Dr. Yusef Salaam, Robin DiAngelo, James H. Pogue, Ron Busby, and Dr. Carl B. Mack. 

Speakers created a safe space for attendees and went beyond conversations to co-created plans of action. They used their personal experiences and expertise to facilitate the understanding of systemic issues responsible for racial inequity and find potential solutions. 

Racial Equity and the Impact of (Un)Conscious Bias,” “The Criminal Justice System Reform,” and “What White People Need to Understand,” are among the topics they discussed. 

Join us in a conversation with forum host, Janet M. Harvey, and forum moderator, Zakiya E. Larry, where they tell us all about their roles, what sparked the event, the uniqueness of the Racial Equity Forum, and how to be part of this movement.

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