Walk Into 2022 With Your Energy Revitalized and Focused on Your Spirituality

spirituality New Year BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

2021 is coming to an end, and with it, a closing of the cycle that allows us to reboot our energy — and I mean all of it!

Our physical, mental and spiritual health need a total reboot. We often pay attention to only one of them (the physical), especially starting in January, when all our holiday indulgences will take their toll on our mirror. That’s when our inboxes will be cluttered with gym membership offers and magical detox strategies.

However, there is something even more important: our mental health and spiritual energy.

After two years of pandemic stress and post-trauma, we owe it to ourselves to take a step back and completely rejuvenate our energy. It’s time to look inward and start paving the way for our highest selves.

But where do we start?

Perhaps the first step is to put our full attention on our spiritual path and follow these tips to enter 2022 as the jefas we are.

Learn to meditate — and actually practice it!

It’s no secret that our favorite artists talk about the importance of meditation. From iconic rappers like Kendrick Lamar to pop stars like Ariana Grande, it’s an essential process in their daily lives. Pop stars often talk about the importance of attracting what you want with your mind (shout out Bad Bunny’s YouTube Artist Spotlight on this!), but we tend to brush this off because we think that it could only happen to them. This works for everyone. Having a clear mind is crucial for us, Jefas, to make those executive decisions and handle every task thrown at us, all zenned out.

Sage it up

Clear the clutter, and purify your personal space. Una casa limpia is a must, especially when you’re starting cycles such as a new year. It’s a practice that will clear out the old vibes in your space and welcome fresh energy. If you’re not into sage, you could always use a candle or even an air freshener. It’s all about the ritual that will inspire you to write your goals and wish lists for 2022. The rest will come to you.

Remember the importance of your mantras

Mantras are both impersonal and personal. Often we start with the basic mantras to warm up to the idea, which is nothing to overthink. The art of starting is key in most of these rituals. Words are important, and as you know, what you think you become. If you are filling your mind with positive and rich thoughts, chances are you will be motivated to make them happen. 

Additionally, according to the Yoga Journal, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in the 1970’s found that having a mantra “regardless of what the practitioner repeats, the word or phrase has nearly the same effects: relaxation and the ability to better cope with life’s unexpected stressors.” That takes off any pressure if you don’t know where to start off. Just start and relax. Let your spirit rest and reconnect.