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3 Ideas To Make Summer Days At Home Unforgettable 

3 Ideas To Make Summer Days At Home Unforgettable  belatina news

Believe it or not, summer is here! Like many of us, you’re probably wondering where the time has gone – same. Everything seems to be passing by in un dos por tres!  

The good news is that summer lends itself to good ol’ fashion fun. This is a time for excitement, adventure, and best of all, family time. The only thing now is to figure out how to make the most out of these sunshine-filled months. Beaches and road trips are obvious go-tos, but we can make these upcoming summer days just as unforgettable at home!  

Plant Roots  

Instead of hitting the sand, let’s dig up some dirt! Starting a summer garden can give your green thumb some help and bring your family outside. Jump in the car and pick up some basic tools to jumpstart your garden. You can even let the kids pick out some flowers or plants.  

Most importantly, allow everyone to get their hands dirty. Forget the rules of looking pristine and presentable; let fun dictate this time together.  

Gardening helps us plant seeds, both physically (into the ground) and emotionally (for those engaged in the process of gardening).  It creates a great opportunity to remind your family that letting loose can be sustainable and productive, too. It’s also the perfect time to give lessons on patience that’s required to grow. There’s no doubt that they will be invested, and the memories from this activity will remain with them for years to come. 

Tell Your Family’s Story Through Food 

Essentially, storytelling and cooking go hand in hand. This summer, whip out your family’s favorite recipes – whether it’s for sancocho, empanadas, or arroz con leche – and share the steps with them. (Remember to space the recipes out so you can have enough to cover through the summer.) Those recipes do more than fill your bellies, they can also help bridge your ancestral knowledge and perpetuate your family’s lineage.  

Assign a task to your kitchen helpers and watch their faces light up as the meal comes together. They’ll appreciate the collective effort and how working in a team can create cultural magic.  

Now, understandably, some families are cautious when bringing the kitchen into play. All should be good if we keep safety first. This means monitoring who is near the stove and using knives cautiously. You know your familia best and can determine what tasks are deemed okay for each member to carry out.  

Create for Brighter Days 

Scrolling through social feeds won’t make for unforgettable experiences. Instead, encourage creativity to flow at every possible moment this summer. One of the best ways to do this is by setting specific days for arts and crafts. From the little kiddies to the older ones, bringing imagination to life is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.  

Try a self-portrait day and switch it up by letting each family member draw one another. Use watercolor or tempera paints to obtain the best results. You can even hang your finished creations throughout the house.  

No matter what you choose, the goal is to create small moments to keep everyone in your home engaged and connected. That way, the beaming sun won’t be the only thing brightening your home’s day. It will also be the laughter and smiles these moments will evoke.  

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