3 Latinas Who Found Business Success After Their 40s

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Photo: BELatina.

We have it drilled into us from an early age that the youth are the key to the future. Frequently, the world of global commerce is so fixated on the ephemerality of youth that it forgets the value and sagacity that comes with long-term experience. 

In many ways, this makes sense. Younger generations are guaranteed to bring new concepts and ideas to the boardroom tables; they’re more likely to understand the importance of diversity and the nuances of what variety can be. 

But impetus, innovation, and success aren’t limited to only the young. Women like Vera Wang, Toni Morrison, and Martha Stewart are a reminder that the potential to succeed doesn’t fade with age. Latinas in business prove this more and more as the world of commerce comes to understand that they, too, hold the keys to success. 

Below is a list of Latinas brand owners who found success in their 40s and beyond.

Rea Ann Silva, founder of the Beauty Blender 

Call it an eggcelente idea. After years of making up the faces of musicians, television, and movie stars, Rea Ann Silva saw an opportunity to build her own business. “On ‘Girlfriends,’ I had a unique challenge,” she explained in an interview with Business Insider. “It was the first show shot in high-def, and, suddenly, in HD, you were able to see every pore, you were able to see every bump… Somewhere along the line, in the development of HD, they figured out that airbrushing was the most natural way to accomplish corrective makeup.” 

Unable to lug an airbrushing compressor around sets to touch up her celebrity clients, Silva began snipping makeup sponges into an egg to mimic the look of airbrushing. Thus the original beauty blender prototype came to be. Soon she was hand-cutting sponges for all her clients. Today, Silva’s company makes nearly $215 million in retail sales each year, and she’s one of the most influential Latinas in business.

Margarita Arriagada founder OF Valdé Beauty

Talk about a timeless idea with lasting effects. Valdé Beauty is a refillable lip collection founded on the belief that we shouldn’t have to dispose of our favorite beauty products as soon as we’re done with them. 

As a refillable lipstick brand, Valdé allows you to keep the pretty lipstick tubes for years to help minimize your carbon footprint, starting with your lipstick. 

Margarita Arriagada, a first-generation Peruvian American, worked in merchandising strategy for Sephora for years before launching Valdé in the fall of 2020. Already the brand has received praise from Allure, the Zoe Report, and the Hollywood Reporter.

Aisha Ceballos-Crump founder of Botanika

Ceballos-Crump was in her late 30s when she launched her first brand Honey Baby Naturals (which can be found on the shelves at Walmart, Target, Sally Beauty, and Rite Aid). Two years later, she decided to dive into full Latina Superforce and launched her second brand, Botanika (also available at Amazon and Target!), that works to “connect the community with products that link past traditions to the present.” 

Today Ceballos-Crump, 44, and beyond being a mother and running a household, she runs her two beauty brands, as well as a beauty brand incubator: Beauty Loft.

Speaking to BeLatina, Ceballos-Crump explained, “I’m all in!!! I quit my career in 2005 and never looked back!”