5 Empowering Latinx Illustrators That Should Be On Your Radar

Yayitzel Illustrator BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Yayitzel

One of the greatest benefits of the digital age has been immediate access to information. Beyond interconnecting us and reducing physical distances, the World Wide Web has allowed us to access all kinds of content — from news, trends, music, movies to unique pieces of art.

There is so much creativity in our Latin culture, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite illustrators this month.

Visit these illustrators’ websites to find unique and relatable items, from digital and print art to apparel and even stationery for your office. Let the art express your culture and identity!


Ilse Valfré is an artist from Tijuana, Baja California, inspired by the paranormal and the women she witnessed throughout her life. She created a dedicated fan base while being a dedicated artist and showcasing her characters on Tumblr. 

Now, with 927k followers on Instagram, those cheeky and quirky characters are designs featured in phone cases, clothing, and stationery, to name a few. 

In an interview with Forbes.com, she advised Latinx entrepreneurs: “It’s easy to cast a huge shadow of doubt on ourselves when society often treats us as 3rd class citizens. Know your value, celebrate your differences, stand up for yourself, don’t take no for an answer, and create your own path if there’s not one.”

Itzel Islas

Another Tijuana illustrator, Itzel Islas, also uses her creativity to express herself and her relationship with the borderline. 

“The border town lifestyle is a big part of who I am and what I know. And therefore is heavily reflected in my art; from imagery to phrases, to even influences in art style,” Islas tells BELatina News

“My work is inspired by Mexican culture, growing up in a border town, vibrant color palettes and playful elements of everyday life,” she added. 

Islas currently sells creative tees, stationery, socks, stickers, greeting cards, and tote bags, to name a few items over at her website.

Frijoliz Art

Based in Chicago, Illinois, but originally from Central Mexico, Lizett Carmona creates empowering illustrations that have something to say. Her work is all about expression dealing with topics such as structural limitations, motherhood, migration, queerness, and class struggle. 

We love her strong art, especially the “Queremos Libertad” illustration featured above. Her art is available on stickers and prints over at her website

Fabiola Lara

Fabiola Lara is an illustrator and designer based in Philly, originally from Chile. What’s interesting about her art is that she not only draws and has clients like Adobe, Golden Globes, and Giphy, but she has a podcast called “Draws in Spanish,” where she showcases other Latinx artists. The podcast’s mission is to “showcase noteworthy Latinx visual artists and designers.” 

We love empowering Latinx that shine light on others! You know we’ll be listening! Check out her “Shroomy Girl” stationery that’s up for sale here.

Camila Rosa

One of our all-time favorite illustrators is Brazilian artist Camila Rosa. Her beautiful art can be found in posters, rugs, prints, to name a few. She has designed stickers and posters for Nike Brazil and other clients such as Vans Brazil, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. According to her website, her work “approaches social issues” and, of course, is dedicated to her passion.