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Seguimos Aquí Documentary LGBTQ BELatina Latinx

‘Seguimos Aquí,’ a Documentary Paying Tribute to the Perseverance of the LGBTQ+ Community

If any community knows firsthand the impact of a health crisis, it is the LGBTQ+ community. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic drew chilling parallels...
Photographic Exhibition on the Vulnerability and Resilience of LGBTQIA+ Dominicans BELatina Latinx

A Powerful Photographic Exhibition on the Resilience of LGBTQIA+ Dominicans

The photographic exhibition, “Sin etiquetas: retratos humanos” (which roughly translates to “without labels: human pictures), celebrates the positive outlooks of LGBTQIA+ Dominicans from different...
LGBTQIA+ Latinx Brands BELatina Latinx

Celebrate Pride Month with These LGBTQIA+Latinx Fashion Brands

Pride is here, and throughout the month of June, you’ll see LGBTQIA+ pride displayed everywhere, in the form of the rainbow, and its hues,...
Biden health protections LGBTQ+ community BeLatina Latinx

Biden Restores Health Protections for LGBTQ+ Community

The LGBTQ+ community has started the week with some of the best news in years: the federal government will once again guarantee health protections...
Flor Amargo BeLatina Latinx

Meet Flor Amargo, the LGBTQ+ Artist Breaking Molds in the Music Industry

One of the upcoming artists from Mexico and a strong advocate of feminism, inclusion, and LGBTQ+ rights in the current music industry is Flor...
Tim Cook Apple Encircle BeLatina Latinx

Apple Joins Encircle Initiative To Support LGBTQ+ Youth

When Stephenie Larsen envisioned a nonprofit to help the LGBTQ+ youth community, she never thought it would change so many lives. After learning about the...
Pierluisi State of Emergency Puerto Rico Gender LGBTQ BeLatina Latinx

Puerto Rico’s Governor Declares The State of Emergency in The Island is LGBTQ Inclusive

On Friday, February 5, Governor Pedro Pierluisi of Puerto Rico made clear that his declaration of a state of emergency against gender violence was...
Carmen Vázquez BeLatina Latinx.

Another Sad Goodbye, LGBTQ+ Activist Carmen Vazquez Dies of COVID

After battling the novel coronavirus, Carmen Vazquez, an LGBTQ+ activist, died at 72. Originally born in Puerto Rico, she was raised in Harlem and...
LGBTQ Wave BeLatina Latinx

A Rainbow Wave, How the LGBTQ+ Movement Made Headway in the 2020 Election

After the crucial election cycle that the U.S. is still struggling to cope with, Congress’s next session is likely to include 11 openly LGBTQ...
Latino LGBTQ Covid BeLatina Latinx

Data Shows How COVID-19 Disproportionately Impacts Latinx LGBTQ People

The coronavirus pandemic has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs or experience a cut in their hours. Research has demonstrated that LGBTQ+...