‘A Seed’s Growth,’ A Poem by Sawhney

A seed's Growth Poetry Sawhney BeLatina Latinx
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A Seed’s Growth

by Sawhney the writer



By hunger to grow

Up past

The realms that already exist

I am a seedling

Thirsty for the expanses

Of tilled earth

And heavenly possibilities

Up, up I go

Higher with no fears

I only search

For all that will

Strengthen the life

That resides innately within

If I am shunned

I will bend toward the light

If I am deprived

I will use what I have

And I will not

Surrender –

I will wait until 

The day I am replenished again

To live

Is to reach

And to bend, but to never

Give up

On the hope of life

That exists past the present

I am the seedling

That was born of fruit, a remnant of the past

And I am the seedling that will

Unfold toward the heavens


For new life to create

Always searching for my truth