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Afro Latino Instagrams to Follow This Black History Month

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These Afro Latino Instagrams will have you ringing in Black History Month perfectly. Black History Month is a great time to begin — or continue — to expand your knowledge about historical and modern day contributions of Afro or Black Latino people. Black Latinos are part of every Latin American countries and help contribute to the culture, innovations, and historical contributions of each of these countries and ethnicities. Being Afro Latinx is about multitudes and how you live, experience, and celebrate all of your multitudes!

We rounded up some of our favorite informational and celebratory Instagram accounts that you can follow to learn more about Black Latinos. This Black History Month, do yourself a favor and follow these Afro Latino Instagram accounts. 

The Afro Latin Diaspora 

The Afro Latin Diaspora is decolonizing and redefining the narrative of AfroLatinidad within the African Diaspora one post at a time.  


Afro-Latino Festival NYC 

The Afro-Latino Festival of New York  celebrates the contributions that people of African descent from Latin America and the Caribbean have made to the city and the global culture as a whole.  



Afrolatinas_ uses their account to highlight the diversity & beauty among Black women of Latin American descent. Some of the account highlights include the eye candy they share on #MorenoCrushMonday and #MelenaMonday


AfroLatino Travel

Afro Latino Travel is the official account of the AfroLatino Travel company which provides tours centering Black history, legacy, spirituality, politics, & contemporary life in Latin America/the Caribbean. In addition to photos of their tours, their Instagram is full of modern and historical information about the contributions of Black Latinx people across Latin America and the Caribbean. 


Black Latinas Know

The Black Latina academics are here to give you information and thought provoking takes on the idea of Latindad. Some of their posts show the ways in which Latin American media is still very dated and racist, while others remind followers about arts and culture. 

Mujeres Negras Rd

Led by a group of Black women in the Dominican Republic, Mujeres Negras Rd provides spaces for Black women and girls in the Dominican Republic to come together and celebrate and love their Blackness. One of their recent campaigns was a Black doll drive for girls in DR to see themselves in their toys.  



Blactina is amplifying Afro-Latinx & Afro-Caribbean stories. Founded by a Black Panamanian woman, Blactina shares voices of current Afro Latinx advocates, historical Black Latinx figures, and personal stories about life as an immigrant. 


La Galería 

La Galería Magazine is an independent platform that encourages dialogue, celebrates the community, and inspires action among Dominicans of the Diaspora. From posts about how to combat anti-Haitain sentiments to saving the beautiful forest in the Dominican Republic to heart moving posts from Domincans from around the world, La Galería is educating, advocacting, and informing people on Black unity. 


Aint I Latina?

Ain’t I Latina? is your digital destination celebrating and highlighting Afro-Latinas. Posts include art, culture, history, and celebration of the everyday Afro Latina doing amazing things!  

Es Mi Cultura

Es Mi Cultura is a monthly newsletter that features women who proudly acknowledge their African ancestry, while staying true to their Latina culture. Newsletter information can cover a variety of topics, but one thing for sure is that you will walk away learning more about Afro Latinas than you knew before you visited.  


Come to get your dose of the beauty of Afro Latinx culture and arts through Latinegras’s posts and stay for the political and more hard hitting posts about change and social justice.

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