How You Can Tell, You Are on the Verge of an “Aha” Moment

Aha Moment BELatina Latinx
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An “Aha” moment can be described as a realization or instance of incredible insight into a problem challenging you. 

Everyone encounters times of hardship that force examination of ourselves, as well as our lives. 

We are presented with situations that demand honesty, resilience, and soul-searching for answers to the big questions, which happen to differ for each of us, depending on where we are in life. 

Arriving at this poignant choice or decision in life does not come easily. The work we need to do to get to this place entails a deep excavation into the inner self as you come within proximity to the awareness warranted for an epiphany. Unfortunately, we don’t always see this eye-opening event since it doesn’t always come in explosive ways or swoop in like tornadoes. These defining moments can be a powerful awakening that happens in a moment of quiet solitude. Turning on the lights to what is in front of you can also be a slow burn.

But how do you know when you are on the verge of an aha moment? The instant when things click for you and you begin to understand the why’s. Sometimes, it is something you’ve known; it just takes another person expressing a thought that triggers the inspiration to get you to your epiphany. Getting to this moment of clarity may be simpler than we think. 

There are a few things you can look out for that will help you tell if you are on the cusp of your own moment.

    1. The Nudge is a soft voice or whisper that pushes you towards a path, decision, choice, or action. It’s the inner voice or intuition directing you to shift perspective.
    2. Self-Examination turns into an inquisition of life and purpose. Are you happy with the life you are living? Do you feel fulfilled, possibly asking yourself, is this all there is to life? Is there more? If not, what can I do to feel of service to the world? There is a somewhat of a realization that life is about more than yourself.
    3. Strong feelings that you are on the cusp of an internal or external shift are evident. An undeniable sense that you’re approaching a space of discovery in your life. You will feel different as you begin seeking a deeper consciousness of the self and deeper meaning. Whether you are aware or not, this road is going to lead to changes. Embracing the moment will make it easier for transition. 

Aha moments aren’t always accompanied by hugely impactful events. Therefore, it is important to stay open to life’s possibilities. Small shifts in behavior may occur instead. Remain mindful to recognize the subtle exchanges of energy between you and your inner self. You are the driver of your vehicle, even if you have a roadmap — only you can decide which way to go. Trust yourself enough to make the decisions that will put you on a path of greatness. The aha moment will mean nothing if you don’t take action when it finds you.