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Cameron Diaz is Still One of Our Favorite Ladies in Hollywood

Cameron Diaz is an actress, author, and feminist, who has been circling the entertainment world for over two decades. I’m sure that one way or another you must’ve become acquainted with her face and her name at some point in your life. Though she’s known for her comedic genius acting skills, she’s put in work in other areas. She’s done so much and deserves to be praised for it. Especially since today is her birthday!

Diaz’s legacy started with her diversified roots. She was born in San Diego, California to a mixture of many cultures, including Cuban blood, which she inherited thanks to her father. Her mother gave her the German, Irish, Scottish, and Native American. She grew up embracing all these different cultures and what they meant to her identity. 

Her latinidad has come into question by ignorant people in the past because she doesn’t speak Spanish, but Cameron Diaz knows that her Cuban side has influenced the woman she is today. For instance, she remembers having white rice at home all the time because of her Cuban father and enjoyed eating spoonfuls of it throughout the day. Funny enough, that habit still remains. The only thing that has changed instead of white rice, she uses other type of [healthier] grains. 

Cameron Diaz must have had greatness paving her way because her extroversion led her to put herself in flamboyant situations. 

She was part of the Polyettes, the dance-drill team of her high school who would perform during sporting events. The stamina she built from her high school dance performances eventually became useful in her future endeavors. 

Having been seasoned herself to perform in front of large crowds, she decidedly made her next step to be modeling. Cameron Diaz landed her first front page cover as a model in the magazine Seventeen when she was ironically 17 years old. She was excelling in her modeling career, but she was always drawn to acting. 

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Amidst her modeling, she was continuously looking for acting gigs. It wasn’t until 1994 where she was able to secure her first role in The Mask with Jim Carrey. She was petrified of her role, but she was able to nail it. The proof lies in her outstanding success she’s had since her iconic role in The Mask was released. 

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Since then she went on to appear in various films including There’s Something About Mary, Shrek, Bad Teacher, and many others. 

Her prevalence in Hollywood led her to be recognized many times, including her business-savviness. 

The world was able to see experience her businesswoman mindset during her negotiation with the movie Bad Teacher. She was able to finalize an agreement that stated she was to only receive one million dollars to get Bad Teacher produced, so that she can get a cut of the movie’s box-office earnings. She ended up getting paid about 40 million dollars thanks to that strategic negotiation. 

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Cameron Diaz is no stranger to securing the bag (her money) either. She was named the second richest woman in 2010 by Forbes. This is huge, especially since women have historically been paid less and more so if you’re latina. But Diaz is a fighter as she’s shown us in Charlie’s Angel and will make sure to let her worth known. 

However, Diaz doesn’t just fight for her own rights. She also advocates for all women’s rights. She marched alongside many Jennifer Lawrence and Adele in L.A. during the Women’s March in 2018. 

Aside from her aforementioned accomplishments, Cameron Diaz is also an author. 

She has established a name for herself as a health author with the two books she’s published. Diaz published The Body Book: Feed, Move, Understand and Love Your Amazing Body in 2013, and The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time in 2016.

These books have taken her to become a New York Times Best-Seller author and that might have to do with the fact that she’s poured her passion about wellness into her books. 

In her first book, she talks about the significance of loving your body in every way possible. She talks about the benefits of constantly moving and how to keep a positive mindset towards yourself. As for her second book, she writes about embracing the process of ageing. Diaz is unapologetic in her writing and goes out of her way to describe anything she feels its pertinent to guide her readers into a healthier lifestyle, this includes her talking about the importance of sex as well. Yep. You read right. Go get her books and find more about that. 

Cameron Diaz says what’s on her mind and I love that about her. 

Despite her success, she retired from Hollywood last year, so she can finally relish in everything she’s built for herself. You can now find her living her best life with her husband Benji Madden from the band Good Charlotte. Either way, Cameron Diaz is still the bad ass women we need to remind us that we can do as many things as we want, as long as we are disciplined. 

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