A Sad Day For Justice: Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In

Amy Coney Barrett Swear BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of CNN.

Federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been voted in and sworn in to sit on the Supreme Court in just one week, and just in time for a presidential election that the Republican Party knows it will lose.

Confirmed by a margin of 52 votes to 48, Coney Barrett has become the epitome of the democratic fracture in the United States. 

Not only was her nomination and Senate appearance made just weeks before a presidential election something that Republicans vehemently denied President Barack Obama four years ago but the process has been a farce mounted by a cornered GOP, which has wasted no time in maintaining a facade.

The latest evidence of this was the impromptu swearing-in ceremony at the White House last Monday night, which breaks with all the Supreme Court’s protocol and tradition to conduct swearing-in ceremonies at the Court removes the division of powers in the Trump Era.

To make matters worse, its impact on the court will be immediate, with several cases to be decided almost immediately, including a dispute over religious freedom exemptions, a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, and several cases involving the Trump administration’s controversial policies, FiveThirtyEight reported.

In addition, the next few weeks also promise a series of election fights that will come to court and Mississippi’s request that the Supreme Court considers its 15-week abortion ban, a case that directly challenges Roe v. Wade.

The risk to the country’s freedoms and progress is imminent.

As FiveThirtyEight continues, and after two separate analyses of Coney Barrett’s record as a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge, the now-Justice has often ruled on the more conservative end of each decision.

Whether in regular opinions or special decisions, she was “consistently on the right edge if not the most conservative judge on the bench.”

“Those findings underscore the idea that Barrett is likely to be a reliable conservative vote on the court. And her confirmation is even more significant because she’s replacing one of the court’s stalwart liberals,” the analysis explains. “If Barrett ends up being ideologically similar to Justice Samuel Alito, who is currently the second-most conservative justice on the Supreme Court, her replacement of Ginsburg could be one of the biggest ideological swings in modern court history.”

For the Washington Post editorial board, what happened Monday night is nothing less than an imminent wake-up call for the turn the country may take from now on, whatever the outcome of next Tuesday’s election.

For the Post, it is a gesture that demonstrates the desperation of the Republican Party, which knows itself to be the representative of “a minority of the American people,” and that “tests the legitimacy of the court.”

And to those who fear this is a Democratic conspiracy theory, the paper quotes Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell:

“A lot of what we’ve done over the last four years will be undone sooner or later by the next election,” McConnell said. “They won’t be able to do much about this for a long time to come.”

Again, this is a twisted and manipulative way for the GOP to stay in power, especially after its party has been unable to get the popular vote in the last seven presidential elections.

Now, with a solid conservative 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court, U.S. democracy pales to the point of no return.