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Anahí Pays Tribute to Karol G in Colombia as Part of RBD’s ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’

Credit: Instagram/ @karolg

The love Anahí and Karol G have for one another is undeniable. And Medellín, Colombia recently had the opportunity to witness admiration and respect between two amazing Latinas recently.  

Anahí, the revered RBD member, took center stage during her performance for the Soy Rebelde Tour this past weekend and expressed a profound tribute. However, this tribute was not just to her Colombian audience but to an amiga – Karol G. 

As Anahí’s voice reverberated through the venue, she uttered words that carried immense weight, “Colombia,” a homage to the nation that had embraced her with open arms, followed by a heartfelt acknowledgment, “Papa G.” This is how her tribute to Karol G started, which is important as Papa G is the man behind the star who had illuminated the global music scene. He was also present in the crowd.  

Then came the moment that etched itself into the hearts of everyone present. With a graceful motion, Anahí unbuttoned a vest, revealing a short, pink dress adorned with the words “Team Bichota” and the iconic barbed heart. The crowd went crazy as they witnessed a visual testament to Anahí’s support for her friend and fellow artist. Anahí continued with the moment by saying, “Carolina! Love is paid with love, my queen!”  

This gesture, though spontaneous, was deeply rooted in a shared history that had reignited a bond long thought dormant. The tale began in 2022 when Karol G, in an act of unparalleled generosity, invited Anahí to perform during her $Trip Love Tour in Mexico City. It was an invitation that not only reignited the flames of RBD’s legacy but also ignited the friendship between two remarkable women. 

For Anahí, that moment became transformative. It was a realization that the love and adoration they had received during their RBD days still resonated in the hearts of millions. Inspired by Karol G’s gesture, Anahí embarked on a mission – to reunite RBD, a musical powerhouse that is loved by thousands upon thousands of people. 

Karol G Reacts to Anahí’s Gesture in Medellín

In response to Anahí’s heartfelt tribute in Medellin, Karol G took to her Instagram Story, pouring her emotions into words that mirrored the depth of their friendship.  

“Anahí Mi Reina: Quiero compartirte lo profundamente feliz, sorprendida y conmovida que me siento al ser honrada por ti… Tu y yo por siempre” (Anahí My Queen: I want to share how deeply happy, surprised, and moved I am to be honored by you… You and I forever). 

Anahí Pays Tribute to Karol G in Colombia as Part of RBD’s ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’
Credit: Instagram/ @karolg

Karol G’s heartfelt response echoed the sentiments of countless fans, resonating with the joy and gratitude that enveloped every heart witnessing this moment. 

Their friendship speaks of a bond that transcends music, embodying the very spirit of sisterhood. As we witness this remarkable connection between Anahí and Karol G, may it serve as a guiding light, inspiring other Latinas to cherish and uplift one another. 

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