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Andreina Bravo’s Rise to Stardom, A Latina Star in the Making

Andreina Bravo’s Rise to Stardom, A Latina Star in the Making belatina latine
Photo Courtesy of Andreina Bravo

Shakira reposted her video.

Zion & Lennox want to record a song with her.

Even Karol G’s parents gave her a shoutout hoping she can soon share the stage with their daughter. Her name is Andreina Bravo — a Latina whose stardom is in its infancy and growing faster than she could have ever imagined, especially in her native Ecuador.

“People don’t know this, but I’ve been working since I was very young,” said Andreina Bravo during an exclusive interview with BELatina. “I feel like everything has come together in perfect timing.” 

How it all began

The young Ecuadorian first started her professional career by participating in a reality TV show in her country called Combate where she explains, that she was selected without expectation. 

“I went to a casting with a friend and, even though I wasn’t participating, the staff wanted me to be part of the show and I accepted the opportunity,” she said. 

After that, the rest was history.

Her short bout of fame on TV became her launching pad. She, and her now ex-boyfriend, created Libra, a pop duo based in Ecuador that marked the beginning of a new dream for Andreina inside the music industry.

“[Libra] is where I learned about giving concerts,” she said. “It was very hard because you’re starting from the bottom, people don’t know who you are and what your music is about. The fact that I was on TV helped in a way that I wasn’t a complete stranger for some people in the industry.” 

The duo split after a year and a half, and Andreina returned to the TV industry participating in the first season of a reality show called El Poder del Amor, also known as PDA, where she and the Panamanian Miguel Melfi were declared winners.

Andreina Bravo’s first attempt

While on the show, Andreina realized she still wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a pop singer and decided to release her first solo single: “Bandolera.”

“I have to admit that I felt really insecure at the beginning, but I never imagined that ‘Bandolera’ was going to be so well received. While I was still at the reality show, we weren’t able to use our social media platforms as much, so I wasn’t aware that the song had gone viral on TikTok with users from different countries around the world,” said the Ecuadorian singer. 

Andreina — showing a smile that implies wholeness— recalls “really enjoying” watching TikTok and Instagram videos where older users were dancing to “Bandolera.” She reiterates how grateful she felt being overwhelmed by a wave of love for a song she never expected would change her life.

After the release of “Bandolera,” Andreina became one of the very few artists from Ecuador to have their songs played internationally. The song was spreading like wildfire from Brazil to Spain, Peru, and Panama.

She’s also become a social media superstar, reaching more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, two million followers on TikTok, and has been a Twitter trend on multiple occasions. Her fanbase affectionately calls her “princess.” 

“I consider [my followers] family because I tell them everything,” Andreina said. “I read what they have to say, I reply to them, I make them part of my everyday life, and I feel that’s the most beautiful thing.” 

Her essence, charisma, and positive attitude have caught the attention of different Latinx artists, and Shakira is no exception.

She’s being recognized

The Colombian superstar reposted one of Andreina’s videos dancing to her hit “Te Felicito.”


@andreinabravoo y los bailarines de #Sem contentos con el repost de @shakira ☺️💕✌️ #AndreinaBravo

♬ sonido original – FansclubAndreina 💎

“The Shakira thing was something I wasn’t expecting because some were saying that I couldn’t do the dance choreography,” she said. “I was like ‘I don’t care, I’m still gonna do it and the video got reposted. In the end, you never know who’s watching you and you have to keep giving your best and do what makes you happy.”

What’s next?

Andreina will be releasing her first EP this year and she told BELatina she’s decided to call it Esencia, or essence — something she says no one should ever lose.

“Every song has a different meaning. They talk about my own life experiences and even about some situations my closest friends have gone through. The EP will have seven different songs,” she said.  

In the meantime, Andreina is looking to represent Ecuador in the music industry, a country where being an artist is definitely not the easiest job. 

“It fills me with so much happiness to see results that speak well of my career. Especially if my work is also being recognized on an international level. It makes me feel valued,” Andreina mentioned. “I hope that my example will serve as motivation for not giving up. In the end, we stand out by what we do differently. Nothing is impossible.” 

Not bad for a young twenty-something who just happened to stroll into an audition she never meant to participate in. Now, Andreina Bravo is quickly becoming the newest rising Latina in the industry.

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