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Anuel AA Couldn’t Keep Karol G’s or Feid’s Name Out of His Mouth During the First Two Shows of His Latest Tour

Anuel AA Couldn't Keep Karol G's or Feid's Name Out of His Mouth During the First Two Shows of His Latest Tour
Tony Dandrades, CC BY 3.0 Credit: , via Wikimedia Commons

Reggaeton star Anuel AA returned to the stage in 2023 for his “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren” tour. He kicked it off with two incredible concerts that left fans buzzing. But it wasn’t just his electrifying performance that caught everyone’s attention. The singer, who is known for his emotional lyrics and trap style, also took the opportunity to mention two of his colleagues in the industry: his ex-girlfriend Karol G and fellow musician Feid. 

Anuel hadn’t mentioned the Colombian reggaetonera in a couple years in his songs since their split. Some speculated that he omitted Karol G’s name out of respect for his most recent relationship with Yailin La Mas Viral. However, being that he’s now a single man again, he’s back to his shenanigans. 

But what caught people’s attention the most is how he mentioned Feid’s name during his Orlando concert. He said, “sera que Feid la dejó,” which is translated to: maybe Feid left her. 

This is particularly interesting considering that many people believe that Karol G and Feid are together.  

Yet, Karol G fans are not having it. Here’s what they had to say: 



Is Anuel disrupting the peace? 

Karol G healed in the public eye after her breakup with Anuel. She shared her tears with her fan base. From her social media to her concerts, it was evident that her heartbreak was weighing heavy on her.  


#karolg llora por #anuel 🥺

♬ sonido original – Ray Rivera De la Cruz

Neither Karol G nor Feid has commented on Anuel’s mention of them. Anuel, on the other hand, posted a picture to his social media with the same phrase he uttered in his concert, “sera que Feid la dejó.” 

His behavior has left many people confused, especially since he just became a father for the third time with Yailin (though they are not together any longer). What could this mean?  Could it all be part of a marketing tactic, or might he be trying to win Karol G back? Let’s see how the rest of his tour goes.  

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