While Cruz Goes On Vacations, AOC Raises Over $4 Million in Texas Relief

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Photo courtesy of NPR.

During the past weeks, Texas was deeply devastated by an unexpected winter storm that left thousands without power, food, water, and damaged housing. While Texas Senator Ted Cruz flew the coup to Cancun — and got caught doing so — New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez took to fundraising for the hard-hit state. 

On Thursday, February 18, the NY representative launched a fundraiser that, by Sunday evening, had raised $4.7 million. 

The extreme weather caused the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to be completely wiped out. Half of Texas lost power and had to boil water for days while technicians were out trying to put the state back together as quickly as possible. AOC’s efforts racked up overnight, raising over $2 million by Friday. 

However, Texas Senator Ted Cruz did not have the same idea. He instead used the opportunity of power outages and lack of food in his state to take a trip with his daughters to Cancun, Mexico. 

After some obvious, heavy backlash, Cruz boarded a plane once again to head back, claiming he was only dropping off his daughters, arriving back in his home state with full luggage in hand just hours after initially departing to Mexico. 

AOC then announced that she would fly to Houston and help out Texas representative Sylvia Garcia and hand out supplies for those in need. During her visit, the pair went to different food banks, water delivery sites and looked throughout towns heavily battered by the storm. 

She then spoke with reporters saying, “When disaster strikes, this is not just an issue for Texans; this is an issue for our entire country, and our whole country needs to come and rally together behind the needs of Texans all across this state. That’s the New York spirit, that’s the Texas spirit, and that’s the American spirit.”