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Artists in Peru Unveil a Mural Dedicated to Akira Toriyama, the Late Creator of ‘Dragon Ball’  

Artists in Peru Unveil a Mural Dedicated to Akira Toriyama, the Late Creator of 'Dragon Ball'  
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Peruvian street artists unveiled a mural in La Victoria on March 24th, dedicated to the late creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, who passed away on March 11th at the age of 68. The mural, which is about twice the height of the Empire State Building, is a tribute to Toriyama’s enduring legacy and the influence he had on Latin America. 

Approximately 40 urban artists from Peru joined forces to craft this colorful and emotive tribute, showcasing characters brought to life by Akira Toriyama. Adding to its beauty, the image of the mangaka himself is featured within the artwork. 

Located on the 9th block of Paseo de la República Avenue, facing the National Stadium of Lima and just steps away from the Estadio Nacional station of the Metropolitano, the posthumous homage to Akira Toriyama has captured the attention of all. Not only does it pay tribute to Toriyama and his work, but it also replaces a mural depicting national heroes such as Miguel Grau, Francisco Bolognesi, José Avelardo Quiñones, and José Carlos Mariátegui. 

Homage to ‘Dragon Ball’

As reported by El Comercio, José Lévano, one of the artists behind the Dragon Ball mural, emphasized the importance of refreshing the artwork, citing the deterioration of the preexisting mural and the resurgence of insecurity in the area.  

“Some neighbors were not in favor of this change, but it’s worth noting that the mural was deteriorating, and criminal activity was resurfacing in the area. People were dumping debris, the walls were peeling, and undesirable elements were beginning to gather. We needed a renewal,” Lévano said in Spanish. 

From Mexico to Brazil, Dragon Ball was loved by thousands within Latin America. It became part of Latino pop culture and its influence will live on despite Toriyama’s passing. If anything, this is the best way to honor his legacy.  

The unveiling of this monumental tribute celebrates the creative genius of Akira Toriyama and underscores the power of art to rejuvenate communities. 

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