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Bad Bunny-Chella is Here! Here Are 5 Latina-Owned Shops to Help You Create the Perfect Coachella Outfit

Bad Bunny-Chella is Here! Here Are 5 Latina-Owned Shops to Help You Create Your Perfect Coachella Outfit belatina latine
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So much for Bad Bunny taking a break in 2023.  

After almost breaking the internet because he changed his bio on Twitter to “me van a extrañar,” which translates to “you are going to miss me,” we found out that he’s still going to perform for us this year. More specifically, he will be headlining Coachella, making him the first Latine in Coachella’s history to get the chance to do this.  

Though it’s been a rocky start of the year for Bad Bunny – throwing a fan’s phone is bringing about many emotions for people – it’s great to see how someone in our community continues to make such grand strides.  

Coachella is only four months away, so preparations are in order. And we are not talking about the venues’ preparations, this is for those joining in. Whether you join in physically or virtually (someone will live stream it), everything must be in order. It might feel like an eternity away, but since time flies at a faster pace after 2020, nos tenemos que poner las pilas.  

So, how should you get ready? Well, you can start by planning your outfits with the help of Latina-owned shops! Keep reading for some major inspo.  

Karla and Co. 

This Puerto Rican-owned brand has a variety of items that can help anyone create the best look for this year’s Coachella. Let’s take a look at their “fluent in musica latina” shirt, for instance. It’s almost too perfect for the occasion – and we love it.  

Beyond the Canvas 

Stand out by wearing a custom-made, tattooed hat. Designed by Yaya, an artist whose roots are embedded in her Mexican, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese cultures, she specializes in using textured art to bring her creations to life. You can choose from a cowgirl hat or fedora to complete your festival-ready outfit.  

Sololi by Isabel

Look like a true jefa by wearing this rainbow jacket. This jacket’s appeal is its versatility as you can wear it with jeans, shorts, a casual t-shirt underneath it, or even a crop top. It’ll also help you stand out so your friends don’t lose track of you at Bad Bunny-chella. 

Agave Girl Boutique 

These accessories made in Mexico are the best finishing piece to any outfit. You can easily rock Agave Girl Boutique’s Nopal Clay Earrings or a pair of their Barro Molcajetito earrings. After all, nothing says “main character vibes” like the right pair of earrings.  

Trending Teez 

Are you more into simple styles? Well, try wearing a graphic tee, but con personalidad. The shirts at Trending Teez are exactly this and will elevate anyone’s style in a jiffy. We say you wear the “Latinas as F*ck” shirt to the festival to remind everyone of your power. ¿Les parece? 

Oh, and how could we forget! A gadget that protects your phone is now in hot demand for some. Here’s an option por si las moscas, amiright?  

Are you ready for Bad Bunny-chella?

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