Bad Bunny Conquers the Wrestling World at WrestleMania 37

Bad Bunny WrestleMania 37 BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Wrestling Inc.

Just when we thought Bad Bunny couldn’t conquer any more stages, he goes and proves us wrong.

The Puerto Rican artist made his debut in the world of wrestling last Saturday, on the most important stage of the WWE, WrestleMania, leaving everyone speechless with his moves between the ropes.

Bunny took to Instagram on Saturday to announce: “Tomorrow will be one of the most important days of my life. Another dream come true. Benito in WrestleMania! I still can’t believe it!!! I have so much to say and count. I better give thanks as it will be a special day! Tomorrow I risk my life in the ring! But no, we’re not scared. Let’s go! You can’t miss it for anything in the world. Wish me luck!!!”

In front of more than 25,000 fans, Bad Bunny debuted in the first live match since the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Primera Hora, Benito made his entrance to the stadium on top of a cargo truck, similar to the one that appears on the cover of his latest production, “El Último Tour del Mundo,” with the song “Booker T” under fireworks and applause from the audience that was in favor of the Boricua.

At the request of The Miz, Bad Bunny started the fight and immediately impressed with what he learned in months of training at the Performance Center in Orlando, where he moved to polish himself in the art of wrestling, making keys and moves that left his rival, who is a two-time world champion of the industry, speechless.

In the bout, the Grammy-winning artist performed a tandem falcon arrow (a move in which the attacking wrestler lifts his opponent into a vertical suplex position to then transition into a sit-out slam) on Priest and a “Canadian Destroyer” (a maneuver similar to a flip piledriver) on Morrison, which led to the singer’s victory.

As The Independent explained, Bunny’s performance during the 15-minute match was quite impressive and set a seemingly extravagant bar for other VIP visitors to try to surpass.

American professional wrestler Randal Orton told Wrestling Inc: “I gotta say thank you to Bad Bunny for having respect for what I do and what everyone else in the locker room does, and what WWE does. I appreciate him, as a fan, but now I can look over at him and call him a fellow performer in my world.”

At the end of the event, Bad Bunny again took to Instagram to announce the itinerary for his 2022 world tour, El Último Tour del Mundo.

In the video, WWE star Triple H praised the artist for his performance, adding, “but now, it’s time for you to do what you do,” before handing him a yellow briefcase, from which Benito pulls out his iconic microphone.