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Bad Bunny Set Aside an Entire Day to Show His Love for Puerto Rico

Bad Bunny Set Aside an Entire Day to Show His Love for Puerto Rico belatina latine
Credit: Instagram/ goodbunnyfoundation

Bad Bunny used up every hour of December 27th, 2022 to give back to his people. 

El Conejo Malo used the day to show his fan base in Puerto Rico how much he cares and appreciates their support by making them feel special. This is on brand with Benito considering he’s continuously reminding people that the love he has for his home country is unmatched. It’s evident in his lyrical content, how he carries himself, and whenever he speaks about what his inspiration is.  

So, what exactly did he do?  

A toy drive for Puerto Rico’s children

Thanks to his nonprofit organization, the Good Bunny Foundation, the globally-renowned artist gifted over 20,000 gifts to children in Puerto Rico. The “Bonita Tradición” toy drive took place at the Coliseo Roberto Clemente in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he personally handed out sports equipment, instruments, and more artistically-inclined gifts to the children who attended the drive.  

During the event, the children and their parents enjoyed food and drinks, live music, and the chance to get a picture with him. Los Reyes Magos were also present. 

An impromptu performance

Bad Bunny decided to have his fans join him in the filming of “La Jumpa’s” music video. Earlier in the day, Benito left hints of what was taking place in his Instagram Stories and Twitter feed. On Instagram, he tagged calle Loíza, which many people understood to be the meeting place. Meanwhile, he tweeted how “La Jumpa” would be performed live at 10 P.M.  

Many Puerto Ricans flocked to calle Loíza, hoping they had understood his hints. And they did. Bad Bunny, alongside the legendary Arcangel, gave a performance on the rooftop of a gas station.  

The island buzzed with excitement all day – and with reason.  

Whether you like his music or not, Bad Bunny’s heart is something to admire.   

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