Believe It or Not, There Are Still Beauty Trends and Products that Aren’t Animal Friendly At All

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We enjoy applying a luxurious color on our lips to match a mood or look. A moisturizing cream to soften our face or body, hopefully visibly taking years off the skin. 

Tossing your luxurious hair on a windy day or running your fingers through it offers comfort. 

We cannot ignore the color on fingernails that can display a fierce or delicate vibe. Most of all, the scent a woman brings with her when she walks into a room, lipstick or gloss, lotion, perfume, mascara, hair products, or facial makeup, have become part of the every day for many women. 

We buy a vast amount of beauty products each year but do we think about what happens before they go on the shelves?

The beauty industry’s testing of cosmetics on animals continues despite social pressures. The sale of wrongfully labeled or tainted makeup is prohibited. However, animal testing in the United States is not a requirement to guarantee products’ safety, unlike the Chinese Government, which demands animal testing on any cosmetic products that come into the country. 

Countries like Guatemala, New Zealand, Turkey, Taiwan, and others have banned this type of testing. While our country has advanced immensely, many cosmetic brands continue to pay for this type of testing in our backyard, or contract companies in China do it.

According to Peta, there are plenty of beauty brands that continue to use these brutal practices. Eye and skin irritation and chemical tests are performed using rats or mice followed by slaughter. Frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, birds, monkeys are among the 100 million animals killed due to biological, cosmetic, chemical, food, and drug experiments. 

It is a difficult pill to swallow when one hears of the alarming number of animals being eliminated. 

Unfortunately, many of the brands we have come to know and love are involved in harmful testing. It is reported that well-known names like Clinique, Estee Lauder, Makeup Forever, and Benefit are part of a group of beauty lines that participate in testing.

The choice to buy or not these products is with each buyer. Admittedly, I was not familiar with the information on animal testing. However, reading on the subject resulted in my rethinking my beauty products selection. Plenty of other reasons exist for not buying animal-tested products. The pain and suffering caused to animals are inhumane, leaving any one of us questioning our conscience. There are other options to explore for your makeup collection if you consider looking to make a change. Lush, Body Shop, and Bare Minerals are a start to the cruelty-free list.  

If the opportunity presents itself, take a chance and review alternate options in the market that support a cause. Latinas are entering the cosmetics world in a stealthy but powerful way; there are many women in our community being inspired to be the next Kat Von D. 

Vegan lines do not use animal ingredients or test. Therefore, it is encouraging to use products without guilt about an animal’s suffering. 

For example, BDG Beauty, Bianca de la Garza’s In Glo We Trust Collection, celebrates simple beauty. Her skincare and makeup line promise to highlight your natural beauty. Cuban-born, Gabriela Trujillo founded Alamar Cosmetics with the vision to empower and keep culture at the forefront when designing products. And Golden Dream Beauty was created by Ydelays Rodriguez to inspire women to feel good in their own skin. The YouTube beauty influencer has realized her dreams of building affordable, reusable, and cruelty-free products.

Rare Beauty is environmentally-forward from the suppliers to the packaging used. Its founder, Selena Gomez, strives to make an impact globally. The goal of the vegan, cruelty-free brand is to raise millions and help underserved communities improve mental health. It is an ambitious yet admirable plan that can benefit a large population — incentive enough to buy their products!

We have a social responsibility, a duty to be humane and spread kindness. 

Beauty trends and products come and go. Buying products that adhere to public and animal safety alike is the conscionable choice. The use of ingredients that shelter animals, human beings, and the environment is crucial.

The safety of all involved is key in maintaining a certain level of decency in and outside of the cosmetic business. Achieving these goals is possible if we gear our purchasing power towards more natural and less toxic choices. 

It is important to keep in mind that items from deodorant to house cleaning products also do animal testing, therefore, researching your cabinets to find out if products are safe is always a good idea before bringing them into your homes.