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BELatina’s Best of the Week: PR Influence, Cavah Collection, And More

Photo courtesy of BELatina.

Señoras y señores, it’s finally Friday — you know what that means, right? Margaritas!

But before we lay back and rest, we want to recap the best stories of the week — and what a week it’s been!

From the team behind PR Influence to the beautiful swimsuit designs of Tuscany Guerrero, these are the best news of the week on BELatina.

Meet the Latina Team Behind the PR Influence, an Agency Helping Companies Take Their Brands to the Next Level

Photo courtesy of Nathalie G Photo @nathaliegphoto Belatina latinx
Photo courtesy of Nathalie G Photo @nathaliegphoto

The PR Influence’s Cuban-American co-founders, Carolina Gonzalez and Claudia Vilches, were on a mission then and are on a mission now: to help companies take their brands to the next level with unmatched service and personalized 360 management. These Latinas are innovative, ambitious, and driven by a passion that runs deep in their bones, a passion they credit to their roots and what it took to get them where they are today.

A Conversation With Vice President Kamala Harris on Maternal Health

Photo courtesy of BELatina and Instagram @kamalaharris

While the world seems to be in permanent chaos, there are those who remain at the forefront, working for the voiceless and inspiring us with their initiatives. Such is the case of our current Vice President, Kamala Harris. She is bringing innovative ideas and proposals to solve problems that plague our communities and are not foreign to the first woman of color to be Vice President of the United States. In one of her current developing proposals, Harris is pushing for maternal health, an issue that’s very close to her heart.

Breaking the Myth of the Monolith: Generational Identities and the Latino Community

Photo courtesy of BELatina.

The generational gap in American society seems easier to identify, from “Ok, Boomer” memes to Millennials complaining on TikTok about the structural financial inability of “adulthood” or even Gen Z’s hilarious email correspondence. But how do these generational gaps translate to Latinos? 

How the Bandana Project Wants To Raise Awareness About Mental Health

Photo courtesy of The Bandana Project @ IG

A simple lime green bandana tied to a backpack allows people struggling with suicidal ideation to identify people who are in possession of specific resources to help them. It’s The Bandana Project, an initiative on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Meet Tuscany Guerrero, the Talent Behind the Stylish Swimwear Brand Cavah Collection

Photo courtesy of Cavah Collection/BELatina.

Cavah Collection is the Latina-owned swimwear line and resort wear brand you’ve been waiting for. Gorgeous, yes, but it’s so much more than that. Cavah is rooted in purpose and inspired by what makes Latina women so effortlessly glamorous and mesmerizing.

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