BELatina’s Weekend Briefing: Biden’s App for Asylum Seekers, Elections in Peru, and More

Kamala Harris Guatemala BELatina Latinx Weekend Briefing
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BELatina’s Weekend Briefing is a weekly summary of the most important news you should know before starting the week.


Just when you thought that the weekend had been quiet and uneventful, a scan of the news proves you wrong.

From Biden’s app for asylum seekers to Peru’s elections, here’s what you need to know this Monday.

A silent app

President Joe Biden has quietly rolled out an app for asylum seekers that has privacy experts worried.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, authorities have quietly deployed a mobile app that relies on facial recognition technology to collect data on asylum seekers before they cross the border.

After a little prayer, Kamala arrives safely in Guatemala

Vice President Kamala Harris arrived in Guatemala on Sunday after a technical problem forced her first plane to return to Joint Base Andrews about 30 minutes after it took off on its first international trip.

As Axios reported, Harris is touring Guatemala and Mexico as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to address increased migration into the United States from the southern border.

NYC & Company Launches ‘The Latino Experience in NYC’

Building on the media success of the film adaptation of ‘In The Heights’ on June 10, New York City’s tourism bureau has launched a content platform that celebrates its Latino heritage. 

The new platform has been developed in collaboration with Warner Bros., the film’s production company, Warner Bros., and NYC & Company.

When the only solution is to add more spice

Thanks to stereotypes and labels, cousins Emiliano Gallego and Cesar Gallego had to transform their family pasta business.

As reported by The San Diego Tribune, the founders of Pasta Original Della Casa have been in business trying to prove their worth by offering quality Italian pasta, but this has not been enough for the U.S. industry.

For years, their pasta has been placed in the ethnic aisle due to stereotypes caused by being Mexican manufacturers. The solution? Add more spice.

Peru’s runoff election worries the region

The weekend saw the second round of Peru’s presidential election between Pedro Castillo, candidate of the leftist Peru Libre party, and right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori.

While national police officers are on high alert awaiting the results, the Peruvian people feel cornered between two options that may not offer any solution to their problems.

AOC offers key endorsement in New York City mayor’s race

As reported by Politico, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortéz endorsed Maya Wiley for mayor last Saturday, one of the “most consistent” endorsements in the race so far and one that could further solidify progressive support for Wiley.

“Maya Wiley grew up in the movement. She was raised in this,” Ocasio-Cortez said during a rally outside City Hall Saturday. “We have a field of candidates, and again, the stakes cannot be higher … I’m putting Maya number one.”