BELatina’s Weekend Briefing: Richard Branson, Protests in Cuba, and More

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Happy Monday morning.

It’s been a while since we’ve felt like we were living in a historic moment. Between the immediacy of social media and a slightly less controversial White House, it seems like the last few months have been quieter than usual.

However, this weekend was full of historical moments. From the first tourist trip into space to the first protests against the Cuban regime in 27 years, here’s what you need to know to start your week.

Richard Branson Completes First Tourist Trip to Space

British billionaire, Richard Branson, completed the historic flight to the edge of space on Sunday, traversing the atmosphere and fulfilling a nearly 20-year dream.

As reported by the Washington Post, the suborbital trip allowed Branson, his three crewmates, and two pilots to see Earth at more than 50 miles above the Earth’s surface and enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness before returning to the tarmac at Virgin Galactic’s facility in the New Mexico desert.

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Biden Administration Prevents ICE from Detaining Pregnant Women

The Biden administration unveiled a new policy last Friday that prohibits ICE from detaining pregnant, breastfeeding, or birthing women who are caught crossing the border.

As reported by NBC news, except in special circumstances, pregnant women and women who have given birth up to a year before will not be detained by ICE.

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Lawsuit Settles Lawsuit Against ICE for Ending Immigrant Hotline as Seen on ‘Orange Is the New Black’

An immigrant rights organization in California has settled a lawsuit against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security for shutting down a toll-free hotline that allowed immigrants in detention centers to report concerns about custody conditions after it was featured prominently in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” two years ago.

Under the July 1 settlement, federal immigration authorities agreed to provide uninterrupted access to the National Immigration Detention Hotline for at least five years and to pay $100,970 to settle the plaintiff’s claims for attorneys’ fees and costs, NBC News reported.

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Argentina Wins Copa America

Argentina’s national soccer team defeated Brazil, the host team for the Copa America, on Saturday night, 1-0 in Rio de Janeiro.

The championship game of South America’s biggest soccer tournament was decided by a single point, scored by Argentine player Angel Di Maria in the 22nd minute, giving Argentina the title for the first time since 1993.

As explained by NPR, the Argentine team’s victory is a particularly emotional milestone for captain Lionel Messi, 34, who until now had never won an international championship with his national team.

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Cuba’s Health Crisis Sparks Historic Protests in Havana

The health crisis in Cuba has reached a point of no return after the island registered another record number of contagions in 24 hours last Saturday. The communist country registered an alarming increase in contagions, with 6,750 cases, for a total of 231,568.

With 11.2 million inhabitants, the island reports 1,490 deaths of all ages. A social media movement under the hashtag #SOSCuba prompted citizens to take to the streets, calling for the resignation of President Miguel Diaz-Canel, and the end of the Castro dictatorship.