BELatina’s Best of the Week: Basquiat, Latinas in Investing, and More

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Here’s a recap of the news you may have missed this week in BELatina’s daily content.


Well, we at BELatina are ready for the leaves to start falling — preferably this weekend. 

Our week was full of unique stories, heartbreaking news, and interesting reflections. From Basquiat’s overlooked Puerto Rican heritage to Texas’ attack on women’s rights, here are the week’s top stories.

Basquiat, Beyonce, Tiffany BELatina Latinx
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Basquiat’s Puerto Rican Heritage Still Goes Unnoticed Behind Tiffany Diamonds and Beyoncé

Jean Michel Basquiat’s rarely seen 1982 “Equals Pi” painting is the centerpiece of the new Tiffany and Co. “About Love” campaign that also features Beyonce (dressed like Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s), Jay-Z, and the infamous 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond. However, nobody seems to talk about Basquiat’s Caribbean ancestry. Read the amazing reflection on the artist’s importance in American and Latino culture by our brilliant collaborator and spiritual Godmother, Susanne Ramírez de Arellano, here.

Morales Cancer Quinceañera BELatina Latinx
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Same Traditions, New Meanings: A Quinceañera To Celebrate Victory Over Cancer

As the world was being flipped upside down during the pandemic, Mariana Morales’s family was overjoyed by the news that she had finished her last chemotherapy session. This was the same year that she was going to turn 15. And as it is customary, the thought of a quinceañera lingered above their heads, even though it hadn’t originally been in the plans. Read this moving story here.

Latinas investing BELatina Latinx
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These Latina Investing Pros Are Changing the Rules of the Game and Want To Teach You How

On average, a Latina earns $0.55 for every $1 earned by a white male, the largest wage gap among women of all other racial and ethnic groups, according to the National Women’s Law Center. This amounts to significant losses for Latinas: more than $1 million over a 40-year career. That wage gap has only narrowed by three cents since 1989. However, not all obstacles are insurmountable, and this group of Latina pros in investing want to show you how to overcome them. Read about them here.

A letter to first-gen students BELatina Latinx
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A Letter to First-Generation Students From a Professor That Cares

Our favorite contributor and teacher, Emily Sendin, has something to say to first-generation students. Read this inspiring and empowering letter from a teacher who cares for students who need our support more than ever.

Abortion Law in Texas BELatina Latinx
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A Woman’s Right to Choose Becomes Illegal in Texas

Finally, the dystopian scenario we women have been warning about for years appears to be materializing. A new law in Texas makes a woman’s right to choose over her own body illegal. While this is not the tone we would like to close the week on, it is imperative and critical that you read what is happening and share the information with the women in your circle. Information is power, and this is a critical time to be informed.