BELatina’s Best of the Week: Body Neutrality, Social Justice, and Empowered Women

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Here’s a recap of the news you may have missed this week in BELatina’s daily content.


This week, the stories in BELatina were full of inspiring and enterprising women, stories of change that invite us all to continue fighting for what we want in life.

From Gabby Beckford’s travels to Laura Posada’s campaign to make us understand that 40 is the new 20, these are the best stories of the week in BELatina.

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Body Neutrality and Mental Health During Summertime

Our writer Jeanette Hernandez explains the importance of self-love and self-compassion in the first back-to-normal summer. Read more about the concept of body neutrality here.

Teach your children about social justice BELatina Latinx
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The Importance of Teaching Social Justice to our Children

In the preamble to Juneteenth — the new federal holiday — Erica Nahmad gives us an account of the importance of adjusting the moral compass of our little ones from an early age. Erica reminds us of her conversation with author and activist Mahogany Browne about the importance of raising a generation of anti-racists.

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Melissa Rodriguez’s Six Tips for Success

Our beloved editor Guisell Gomez spoke with young entrepreneur Melissa Rodriguez to share with us the key to her success. You can read her tips here.

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Gabby Beckford’s Delusional Key to Seizing Opportunities

Continuing our trend of revisiting the best Ted Talks by Latinos, we had the pleasure of listening to and sharing with you the story of Gabby Beckford, the young entrepreneur in love with travel. Read more about her delusional key to success here.

Laura Posada BELatina Latinx
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A Powerful Conversation About the Feminine Force and Myths

Finally, to close the week on a high note, our editor Guisell Gómez spoke with the fantastic Laura Posada, Puerto Rican icon, entrepreneur, and life coach, about the myth of age, female empowerment, and the key to overcoming life’s obstacles.

Enjoy the weekend with these inspiring stories.