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BELatina’s Weekly Recap: Selena Gomez, Maxwell Frost, Latina Magic, and More

Happy Friday, BELatina News readers! 

How’s everyone doing today? We hope that everyone is in good spirits, despite it being a long week with the midterm elections and all. Pero, we’re here and we’re alive, and that’s a huge blessing! 

This week we covered Latines across the board – from Selena Gomez’s destigmatizing mental health documentary, the Latina medical student who showed us the power of community, to the Latina mom who’s generating a positive impact on postpartum care for women of color. What can we say? It’s been a busy week..

So let’s dig in, shall we? Grab your favorite warm beverage and let’s catch you up with what you might’ve missed this week. 

Selena Gomez Is Tracing the Path to Destigmatize Mental Health Among the Latine Community

Selena Gomez Is Tracing the Path to Destigmatize Mental Health Illness Among the Latine Community belatina latine
Credit: Instagram/ selenagomez

An important aspect highlighted in Selena Gomez’s new biopic seems to be going back to where it all began – when we were just kids, and when we were able to truly connect with how we felt. 

Under the name Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me, the Apple TV film shows a side of the Texas native artist that feels deep and personal. 

Latina Medical Student Goes Viral For Helping a Newly-Immigrated Latina with Healthcare Access

Credit: Twitter

Good news alert!

In a recent viral Twitter thread, Fabiola Plaza, a Venezuelan aspiring pediatric neurologist living in New York, encountered the stark reality of lack of access to healthcare. 

Her Twitter thread recounts her interaction with a woman she met on the Subway that had recently immigrated to the U.S. with only three months’ supply of medicine essential to her and was spacing it out to make it last longer.

Plaza quickly contacted Mount Sinai’s free Clinic and helped with a potential next appointment to be seen by a medical professional.

Let’s show some love to Fabiola Plaza for showing people how we show up for our community!

Meet the Latina Mom Who’s Generating a Positive Impact on Postpartum Care for Women of Color

Credit: Misty Phases

Dealing with inequality is something many have dealt with at some point in their lives, especially those who have been historically excluded. This — of course — includes women, especially women of color.

For Lizeth Cuara, a Latina mom from Los Angeles, California, the disparity can manifest itself in the country’s maternal healthcare system. In fact, she went through a situation of uncertainty right after becoming a mother. 

After noticing that her experience was the same as many other new moms, Cuara came up with an idea to help women and birthing people — especially those considered “minorities.” (Our community is quickly becoming the new majority.) This later materialized into what is now known as Misty Phases.

Maxwell Frost is the First Gen Z Member of Congress and He’s Latino – Here’s What You Should Know About Him

Credit: Instagram

Midterm season is over as the results poured in yesterday. Some were disappointed, while others considered it a victorious night. Nevertheless, this is yet another example of the importance of exercising your right to vote.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost, 25, became the first Gen Z to enter Congress. He won Florida’s 10th Congressional District.

Latina Multimedia Creators Katelina Eccleston & Suzy Exposito Are Consultants For New Reggaeton Comedy Series

Photo credit: Instagram: @reggaetonconlagata / @brujacore

Reggaeton is coming to Netflix. 

Yes, it’s true! On November 9, Netflix gave the green light to the new reggaeton comedy series “Neon” by the Mexican-American author, screenwriter, and journalist Shea Serrano. It was ordered for eight episodes. 

The new series will feature the Puerto Rican-American actor Tyler Dean Flores, English-Indian-Caribbean actress Emma Ferreira,  Asian-American comedian/TV writer Jordan Mendoza, and American actress Courtney Taylor.

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