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Bellakath Faces Backlash After Video Resurfaces of Her Being Called Out for Reposting a Racist Meme Featuring Yalitza Aparicio

Credit: OK Chicas, Instagram

Internet sensation, Bellakath, is under fire. A video from 2019 where she is being called out for reposting a racist meme featuring Yalitza Aparacio has resurfaced. 

The meme depicts two frames. The first frame shows a picture of Mexican actress Martha Higareda whose features are considered more “eurocentric” and has a lighter skin complexion. This frame shows that this is how people see her on social media. Meanwhile, the other frame, which reveals how others see her in real life, features a picture of the ROMA actress Yalitza Aparicio.  

Aparicio, who is riddled with talent and is lauded by Mexicans and Latines all around, bears a beautiful face without “eurocentric” features (like many of us).  

This behavior once again proves how colorism and racism are present in the Latine community. When will the community stop drooling over the inheritance left behind by the same colonizers who dehumanized our ancestors? 

Bellakath’s excuse was not accepted

The original video is from a Mexican show, Enamorándonos, that aired on Azteca TV. During the episode where Bellakath makes an appearance, the host, Carmen Muñoz, condemns the now-reggaeton artist, for reposting such a problematic meme.  

Bellakath tried to defend herself by saying that she shared the image, but only alluding to herself.  

“I didn’t even notice that she was there, I shared it alluding to me because obviously we all upload our photos on Facebook where we look better,” Huerta said on Enamorándonos. 

Muñoz, however, was not having it. She proceeded to tell Huerta (Bellakath) how the show’s theme is about love and anything other than love is not tolerated.  

“Kat we are not going to allow disrespect towards any human being, so Kat I am going to ask you to leave the program,” the host said in a heated manner. 

Huerta appeared uncomfortable throughout the entire interaction. She left as soon as she was instructed to do so.  

Who is Bellakath?

If you’re on any Latine-related TikTok algorithm, chances are you’ve scrolled past TikToks using the song, “La Gatita,” by Bellakath. 

It has a catchy tune and it has been adapted by many users to recreate trending videos using the following hook:  

(Una gatita que le gusta el mambo) 

(Una gatita que le gusta el mambo) 

Una gatita que le gusta el mambo 

Con todos los malos sale a bellaquear 

Una gatita que le gusta el mambo 

Con todos los malos sale a vacilar 

With over thousands of TikToks uploaded using the popular song, Bellakath, whose birth name is Katherine Huerta, has gained a substantial following in a short amount of time. Huerta studied law but is currently exploring music. 

However, popularity sometimes comes with a price.  

She also faced some backlash after many claimed she plagiarized her song, “La Gatita,” from the song “El Hueso de Mi Perra” by Little Key and Son de AK. 


Hoy comprobamos si la canción ‘Gatita’ de #bellakath es un #plagio 📀 #sabiasque #reggaeton #mexico

♬ Gatita – Bellakath

Mi gente, let this serve as a reminder that your actions are constantly being watched, even if you don’t think so. Act accordingly and respect everyone, and life should provide you with many gifts. Otherwise, sh*t will hit the fan, one way or another. 

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