BELatina’s Best of the Week: Climate Change, the Reality in Cuba, and More

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Photo courtesy of History Lovers Club.

Here’s a recap of the news you may have missed this week in BELatina’s daily content.


This week has not been easy. Between wildfires and floods, the idea of a “normal life” is slipping through our hands every day.

However, in BELatina, we continue to bet on good news, those that incite new ideas and reflections.

From the conversation with independent journalist Yoel Suárez to the reflection on the climate change red alert, these are the best stories of the week.

How aware are we of the United Nations red alert?

It’s no secret to anyone that climate change, while it concerns us all, impacts communities of color differently. How aware are we Latinos? Read more about it here.

Independent journalist Yoel Suárez tells us about the reality in Cuba

Ever since the streets of Cuba saw the historic protests against the Castro regime, the world has speculated about what is really happening on the island. Our editor Guisell Gómez spoke with independent journalist Yoel Suárez to understand the reality Cubans are living. Read the interview here.

We had a glimpse at Hija de Tu Madre’s new collection

Our writer Jeannette Hernández had the privilege of having a front-row view at the new popup store of Mexican-American brand Hija de Tu Madre. Read more about this melancholy line of Latino market memorabilia here.

Humor and trauma are intrinsically linked in Latino culture

Our Thursday reflection had to do with the intrinsic relationship between humor and trauma in our culture. I hope you can forgive me for going down the rabbit hole trying to find why humor is so important to us in this article.

How much attention do you pay to internet safety?

Finally, we close the week with our editor Guisell Gomez’s urgent reminder about internet safety when going back to school. Do you know how to keep your kids safe and still share good times on social media? Read here to learn more.