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BELatina’s Best of the Week: Gift Guides, a Queer Mercado in LA, and More

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Happy Friday, everyone!

How was your Thanksgiving? ¿Comieron mucho pavo (or pernil)? It’s incredible how we are about to finish the second year of the pandemic. Imagine — just last year, many of us couldn’t spend the holidays with our loved ones due to the fear of the virus. So, it was great to scroll through the social feed and see so many families reunited this year. 

Being that this was a holiday week, it’s been slow all around. People seem to be giving into that pereza that we all get during this time of the year. And we are right there with you all. But we still wanted to highlight some of our favorite stories this week, the best of the week, if you may,  as we try to compose ourselves from our food coma. 

Check them out below!

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Colombian Independent Actors Mauro Castillo and Adassa As Dolores Talk About Their Roles in Disney’s New Animated Film, ‘Encanto’

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new original feature film, “Encanto,” is riddled with the presence of many entertainers who have become household names, such as Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel, Diane Guerrero as Isabela, John Leguizamo as Bruno, Wilmer Valderrama as Agustín, and Maluma as Mariano. BELatina had the pleasure of talking to Mauro Castillo and Adassa as Dolores, two independent Colombian artists who are overjoyed to represent one of the many pieces of Colombian culture.

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Ann Arbor Is the First City in the U.S. To Require Free Menstrual Products in Public Restrooms

On Monday, Ann Arbor, Michigan, became the first city in the United States to require free menstrual products in public restrooms, including those in private businesses.

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Give the Gift of Self-Care With These Products Created By Latinx Entrepreneurs 

We’ve taken the liberty at BELatina News to curate a list of self-care gifts that will have anyone who receives them smiling through 2022. From skincare products created by Latina entrepreneurs to intimate pleasure, we’re sure there’s a gift for everyone on this list. 

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Queer Mercado in East Los Angeles Fosters Representation and Networking in the LGBTQ+ Community

For the past four months, Queer Mercado has been a space for the East L.A. queer community to connect with and support local LGBTQ+ businesses.

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An Exciting Collaboration: Future Fambo and Amara La Negra Join Forces on the Single ‘Toa Toa’

Iconic dancehall artist, Future Fambo, has landed a historic collaboration that opens the doors to the Hispanic market. The Jamaican artist joined forces with Dominican singer Amara La Negra on their single “Toa Toa.”