BELatina’s Best of the Week: Latinos in the Fashion Industry, Chocquibtown, and More

Best of the Week BELatina Latinx
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Here’s a recap of the news you may have missed this week in BELatina’s daily content.


We wrap up another week, thrilled by the stories we had the honor of telling this week and the incredible people we met along the way.

From the impact of Latinos in the fashion industry to the powerful voice of Chocquibtown in Colombia, these are our top stories of the week.

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The New Generation of Latino Designers Are Defining Their Own Standards

We tell you how a new generation of Latino designers and models is revolutionizing the fashion industry. Gabriela Hearst, Lazaro Hernandez, Narciso Rodriguez, and Maria Cornejo have decided to change stereotypes in fashion, one couture at a time.

Organ donor lists BELatina Latinx
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Black and Latino Communities Continue To Be Overlooked on Organ Donor Lists

For people suffering from serious health issues, chronic illness, or trauma, organ donors are a lifeline and are their only hope for survival. While the donor waitlist continues to grow and outpace the organ donation rate, that fact is even more significant for minority populations, especially Black and Latinx communities. Read more here.

Latinas in STEM Genesis BELatina Latinx

A Conversation With Genesis Velazquez of Elitegen Innovation About the Future of Latinas in STEM

Future generations of Latinas need role models in STEM fields to show them there is a place for them in the ever-changing and perpetually relevant scientific fields. After all, it’s hard to be something or someone you cannot see, and chemist Genesis Velazquez is on a mission to be a part of that shift — changing the game with her new entrepreneurial venture Elitegen Innovation and inspiring Latinas to pursue opportunities in STEM roles. Read her story here.

Évi Siskos BELatina Latinx
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Multiculturalism and Family Travel, a Conversation With Évi Siskos

Évi Siskos has always relished in the freedom that comes from gliding through grounds whose every particle is made up of rich stories and adventure. Alongside her son, Mateo, and her husband, she travels the world and documents their experiences on Display TV and social media. Read about her journey here.

Chocquibtown BELatina Latinx
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Meet Chocquibtown, the Voice of Afro-Colombian Identity

Urban music trio Chocquibtown rose to international fame in 2010 after winning a Latin Grammy Award for their song “De donde vengo yo,” an ode to the reality of the Afro-Colombian population. Since then, Chocquibtown has become the voice of Afro-Colombian culture, echoing the injustices suffered by the Black community in Colombia and rejecting Colombians’ refusal to accept the rampant racism in the country. Read more about this amazing group here.