BELatina’s Best of the Week: Shamor Belliard, Jay Roxxx, Daniel Zovatto, And More

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Another week comes to an end, and we’re still in the newsroom with stories left to tell. These past few days have been incredibly productive at BELatina, and we’ve met and talked to some amazing and inspiring people — up to the point we’ve had a hard time choosing our favorite stories!

From the art of Ernesto Yerena to the new season of Gentefied, these are the best stories of the week at BELatina.

Meet Shamor Belliard, the Latina Entrepreneur Who Believes in Shining Light on the Beauty of Imperfections

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The New York-born, Miami-based entrepreneur is changing things up about how we take care of ourselves and put our best face forward with a focus on natural ingredients. 

5 Reasons To See Almodóvar’s ‘Parallel Mothers’

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In “Parallel Mothers,” Almodóvar gives us an earnest depiction of motherhood’s transformative power and the female communities that fuel and heal each other, independent of men.

Christie’s Is Auctioning Off Dozens of Pre-Columbian Taino Objects As if They Were Merchandise

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The famous British auction house Christie’s is auctioning dozens of Taino objects in Paris this Wednesday. Despite complaints from indigenous groups, the auction house seems to have no problem enriching itself with what was stolen from pre-Columbian communities.

Jay Roxxx, the Emerging Chicana Singer-Songwriter

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Once you know your calling, it’s impossible to ignore it. It’ll come to you in the purest form and stick to your intuition. That’s what happened to singer-songwriter Jay Roxxx.

Meet Daniel Zovatto, the Rising Costa Rican Film Star

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Daniel Zovatto is an actor born and raised in Costa Rica and whose talent has opened the doors to unique productions such as “Beneath” (2013), “It Follows” (2014), and “Don’t Breathe” (2016). Now, Zovatto is looking forward to the release of his new film “Vandal,” which will hit theaters on November 16. Here’s what he told us.

A Conversation With Ernesto Yerena of ‘The Canvas: Los Angeles’ on Injustice, Identity and the Power of Art

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Ernesto Yerena is a political artist featured on Fuse/Fuse+’s “The Canvas: Los Angeles” and uses his creative expression to further the voices of movements that hold meaning to him. 

Gentefied’s Julissa Calderon and Annie Gonzalez Talk Community, Representation, and Offer a Sneak Peek at the New Season

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As Latinx in tight-knit families, how do we deal with keeping our authenticity while our neighborhood is experiencing gentrification? And how do we move forward as individuals without feeling guilt from our families? Sound familiar to you? We all go through it at some point! BELatina News had the opportunity to speak about these actual everyday issues to two of “Gentefied”’s main cast members: Julissa Calderon, the Afro-Latinx actress who plays Ana Morales’ girlfriend Yessika, and Annie Gonzalez, who plays Lidia Solis, Erik Morales’ girlfriend.