The Best and Most Relatable Latinx Tweets To Close Out the Year

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What a year this 2022 has been! Even though we are still going through the pandemic, we hope that this year has been as good for you as it ended up being for us.

These last few days are the ideal time to relax and take things less seriously, on a lighter and more joyful note that will allow us to move into a new year and new beginnings.

Wherever you are in your Christmas calendar, we invite you to take some time to laugh out loud together in real life.

What better way to do that than by checking out these hilarious messages we’ve found on Latin Twitter? From viral memes to quick and witty responses, these are the five funniest (and most relatable) messages we’ve come across on Latinx Twitter.

Who doesn’t jam out to “Mi Burrito Sabanero”? What was once the song that I would secretly obsess over (and I got to confess, I pleaded to my mom for this on CD — and yes, I got it and played it every chance I had), is now the Latinx phenomenon that we can all recognize and dance to. Pushing it one step further with the magic of the Internet, we now have Donkey and Shrek wildin’ out to it.

The 2021 Spotify Wrapped it out, and we absolutely love seeing everyone’s different music tastes, top artists, and songs! This year’s top artist is Bad Bunny, where Spotify reports that he “received over 9.1 billion streams without releasing a new album this year.” I mean, are we really surprised? I know that I stay shuffling through his albums — there’s always a song that fits the mood!

Obviously, we are all angels. We are not problematic whatsoever! This blanket! Who else has a mom or abuelita with this Virgencita blanket in stock?

And don’t get me started on saying bye to each individual too! Why must we say hi and bye to everyone, and if we miss just one member, that member makes a scene out of it? I’m just trying to come and go as I please!

Finally, we can’t forget our famous Hispanic Heritage Month memes via Twitter! Let it be known and recorded that in 2021, the Latinx social media community celebrated by posting the most popular memes throughout the years.

Ah, how much we love the Internet.