BELatina’s Best of the Week: Brenda Torres-Figueroa, Eddie Orozco, And More

Best of the Week Brenda Torres-Figueroa and more BELatina Latinx
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Happy Friday, ladies!

This has been one of those endless weeks in which, amid all the work and tiredness, we can get to Friday with the peace of mind that we have done our work sharing empowering and thought-provoking stories. In the BELatina newsroom, we are happy with all the news shared this week.

From the incredible artwork of Brenda Torres-Figueroa to the arrival of Xiomara Castro to the presidency of Honduras, these are the best stories of the week in BELatina.

Brenda Torres-Figueroa BELatina Latinx
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Meet Brenda Torres-Figueroa, the Boricua Navigating Historical Challenges and Latinidad Through Art

Brenda Torres-Figueroa is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, and educator born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her life experiences have fueled and inspired her innovative art exhibitions and life’s work while navigating the intersections between identity and memory.

Xiomara Castro BELatina Latinx
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Xiomara Castro Becomes the First Woman President of Honduras

With 51.45% of the ballots counted, Xiomara Castro, candidate of the Partido Libre, won the presidential elections in Honduras, becoming the first woman president of the Central American country.

Eddie Orozco AIDS Day BELatina Latinx
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World AIDS Day: The Importance of Advocates Like Eddie Orozco’s Work Against Stigma and Ignorance

As another World AIDS Day is upon us, we must remain focused on honoring those who have passed too soon and letting the world know that life doesn’t end if an AIDS/HIV diagnosis is given — it is now possible more so than ever. 

Ahmaud Arbery BELatina Latinx
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What We Learned From the Ahmaud Arbery Trial

The murder convictions handed down last week against three white men in Georgia for the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, shed light on the depth of the race problem and the fractured justice system in the United States.

Jessica Esquivel BELatina Latinx
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Meet Afro-Latina Scientist Dr. Jessica Esquivel

Dr. Jessica Esquivel isn’t just extraordinary because of what she is capable of as an Afro-Latina astrophysicist — she’s also extraordinary in her vulnerability and relatability. She’s on a mission to break barriers in science and to show the humanity behind scientists.