BELatina’s Best of the Year: These Stories Remind Everyone of the Wonders of the Latinx Community

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Happy last day of the year!

It seems incredible that we are only hours away from the start of 2022. It has been an incredible twelve months, full of opportunities, obstacles (successfully overcome), and resilience.

We in the BELatina newsroom are deeply grateful for the support of our readers, our community, and the opportunity we’ve had to bring so many stories forward this year.

We know it hasn’t been easy — neither for us nor for many of you. That’s why we wanted to put together a short (non-exhaustive) list of the best stories of the year.

To all of you: thank you! May 2022 be brighter, more fruitful, full of self-love and opportunities. We will always be here, ready to celebrate the achievements of our community and support each other to move forward. 

Lil’ Libros, the Bilingual Children’s Publisher that’s Changing the Rules of the Game

Lil' Libros BELatina Latinx
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Lil’ Libros is a bilingual children’s media publisher built by and for the community. And they kept pushing through all year long. This force raised over $2 million in equity crowdfunding by inviting the community to become investors and build a legacy of generational wealth through bilingual literacy. This is what breaking generational curses looks like. 

Juan Gabriel and Ana Gabriel, the Original Latinx Queer Heroes

Juan Gabriel and Ana Gabriel BeLatina Latinx
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One need only look at the hate crime figures in the continent to understand the risk involved in being part of this community and living freely in Latin America. However, this reality does not imply that our culture and idiosyncrasy are exempt from influential LGBTQ+ icons, such as Juan Gabriel and Ana Gabriel.

Acknowledging the Trauma: AOC Speaks About Latino’s Mental Health

AOC Mental Health BELatina Latinx
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“There’s a direct throughline through imperialism and the attitudes and power structures,” AOC said in an interview about the trauma in the Latino community.

5 Latina Scholars You Should Follow on Twitter 

Latina Scholars on Twitter BELatina Latinx
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These five Latina scholars share on Twitter unique and interesting perspectives on issues such as race, gender equality and climate change. Our power is through education and we are letting the world know.

Meet Dr. Hortencia Jimenez, an Inspiring Doctor Helping Latinas Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

Hortencia Jimenez BELatina Latinx
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Through her social media presence, Dr. Jimenez is working to increase Latinx representation in the health and wellness arena and drive a conversation about health that dismantles diet culture and helps people heal their relationship with food. 

How Latino Identity Goes Beyond Language

How Latino Identity Goes Beyond Language BELatina Latinx
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The cultures, languages, and identities that make up the broad term “Hispanic,” which Hispanic Heritage month attempts to encompass, are as numerous and colorful as a jar of jelly beans. 

Matthew Caleb Fernandez’s Inspiring Story of Perseverance

Matthew Caleb Fernandez BELatina Latinx
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Matthew Caleb Fernandez is a young Latino, 23, living in East LA. Matthew was born with cerebral palsy, but his condition hasn’t stopped him from chasing a reality that he’d be proud of.