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Here’s How Body Positivity, a Drag Queen and a Little Gumption Made Big Results for Alexandra Campos

Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

It seems every day coming across my feed I see blog posts, articles, memes, or words meant to elicit positivity. They are often articles with seemingly relatable topics about relationships, navigating motherhood, or identity. But the kind of posts I find myself gravitating towards the most, are the ones meant to empower women with two incredible words: Body Positivity.

Many of us have been haunted since childhood all the way into adulthood about our body. How do we get through it? How do we accept how we look if we have always been measured, weighed, and compared against the CDC growth chart?

The not-so-easy-to-find answers recently began to crystalize for me when I was recently introduced to an amazing Latina vlogger, a woman living in her truth unapologetically, a beacon of body-positivity who herself shared many of the same struggles as me.

Photo Credit Alexandra Campos

Meet Alexandra Campos, 28. Growing up in New York City and attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she found her way in the film industry working on as many projects and positions she could find. But the project that most empowered her was when in 2018, she at last gave herself permission to be as unapologetic about her body as she was about her career ambitions. She quit her day job and started to focus on getting out of her comfort zone, which was far from easy. Alex pressed on by giving herself opportunities to travel, eat, and be seen. Was she happy? Not at first; but she very well knew that she was just at the beginning of a very intense process. By the end of 2018, she decided it was high time to fully get out of her own way.

Photo Credit IG @alyssaedwards_1

Scrolling through Instagram she stumbled upon a post from Camp TAZO. They were offering “a real sleep-away camp” from TAZO® tea, hosted by drag queen extraordinaire Alyssa Edwards. The tagline read “Break the Routine – Embrace the Unexpected. “When I saw the ad for Camp TAZO on Instagram, I listened to both the universe and my gut, and applied to what would become a life-changing experience,” said Alex.

Alex soon received word that she was selected from a nation-wide search to be part of a group of 30 strangers participating in a three-day immersion at Camp TAZO “Passion” in Texas. “This city girl who had never been to sleep-away camp getting ready to live her best country life!” Arriving to Camp TAZO “Passion,” Alex was greeted by camp counselors, met other campers and settled in for the unexpected.

Photo Credit Alex Campos with Camp TAZO campers

Throughout the weekend, Alex participated in a variety of programming activities alongside other campers; from axe throwing to line dancing at the Hot Texas Dance Party, to attending a campfire sing-along with Alyssa Edwards in the middle of the woods.

A defining Camp TAZO moment for Alex took place during an emotional exercise of burning an ingredient in the campfire that no longer served a purpose in her life. Head counselor, Nicoletta de la Brown, shared that she would no longer be hiding her magic

“In that singular moment, Nicoletta made me realize that even though I was actively working towards being unapologetically myself, I was still hiding my magic and making myself small,” Alex stated. “When my plane was landing in New York after that weekend, I closed my eyes and told myself to bring that energy with me to everything I do moving forward. This defining moment during camp reminded me that it’s important to take up space and let my light shine whenever possible…I never expected to receive such powerful messages at Camp TAZO, but I guess magical things happen when you open yourself up to whatever the universe has to offer.”

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