‘Buscando a Frida,’ the New Soap on Telemundo

Buscando a Frida BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of El Comercio.

If you’re looking for the next Spanish soap opera to watch, look no more. Telemundo will be premiering ‘Buscando a Frida,’ on Tuesday, January 26, at 10:00 pm., an adaptation of the well-known Chilean mystery series ¿Dónde está Elisa?

Frida is at a ripe age of adolescence, being 16 years old. She is the oldest daughter of the billionaire Abelado Pons. On the night of her father’s birthday, Frida goes missing after asking permission to go to a party with her cousins in the city. In the show’s trailers, the viewers can see a modern-day story, with the family going on social platforms and posting videos of themselves asking for any information on her whereabouts. 

Airing at the end of the month the suspenseful shows actors include Eduardo Santamarina from El Senor de los Cielos and La Reina del Sur 2, Ximena Herrera also from El Señor de los Cielos and El Hotel de los Secretos, and Arap Bethke from Club de Cuervos and Ugly Betty. 

Victoria White, a young and up and coming actress, plays the lead role of “Frida.” Her character is described as popular, energetic, and favored on her social media accounts, where she puts her perfect life on display. 

Marcela (Ximena) fights tooth and nail to get her daughter back, paying whatever cost it takes. Frida’s father, Abelardo (Eduardo), a businessman, is the president of Pons’s company in the show. Without a doubt, strong people in power are not only respected but envied, which leads to problems. As for the investigator on the missing person, Martin Cabrera (Arap) is on top of the case. Under a tough exterior lies a man traumatized by a tragic accident that leads him to his solitude and his one true friend, his dog. Solving this disappearance for him is more than just his job. It’s a way to make amends for his own past mistakes. 

The dynamic of the family changes quickly and forever. What looked like a very wealthy, healthy, and happy family reveals a catacomb of secrets. Soon enough, every character in the show becomes a suspect. As with any other Spanish soap opera, however, the plot twist is the most jaw-dropping when the truth shows its ugly face. 

When was the last time you watched a mystery soap opera? Well, if you haven’t, now is your chance to watch it on Telemundo.