Mexican actress, Camila Sodi Packs a Punch on Season 2 of Telemundo’s, Falsa Identidad

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Photo courtesy of Falsa Identidad Press Kit via NBC

Camila Sodi is an actress, singer, and model proud of her roots. The Mexico City local is not shy about expressing love for the country that has welcomed her with open arms and empathy for those suffering great hardship in the beautiful city. 

On September 22, she reprises the character, Isabel in Telemundo’s second season of Falsa Identidad. The series based on the loose portrayal of some intense challenges the population has been battling at a social, political, and judicial level, including domestic abuse, human trafficking, and drug cartels.

News of an opportunity to interview the well-known talent was welcoming. She was incredibly genuine, friendly, and open during our virtual time together, which created a fluid dialogue. Camila’s personable nature made it easy to ask about the series and her character in its sophomore season.

You play Isabel in Falsa Identidad; a woman determined to survive her circumstances. I read that you much enjoyed playing this interesting role. What attracted you most to the character when reading the script? Were there any personal qualities or characteristics you found to share with Isabel?

Mexico has an alarming femicide rate, feminicidio in Spanish (the murdering of women for their gender). This is just one example of the violence happening against women in Mexico.  When I received the script for Falsa Identidad, there was a connection. 

Isabel’s character was running from her husband, who was beating her and their children. This is a real scenario. Domestic violence is a reality for so many women. Instantly, I knew I had to do the series. It was important to be part of the narrative being told, since our country’s women are fighting this battle, too.

Two of the qualities that most resonated with Isabel’s character were vulnerability and fearlessness to care for her own. Women connect on many levels. We are wired to safeguard our children, each other unafraid because we are motivated by our innate need to protect. This character is fierce and understands that she has to save her loved ones.

Isabel’s character confronted situations that would leave anyone feeling defeated. I believe our life experiences help make us stronger and wiser. Your role in Falsa Identidad must have come with some extreme work. It shows in your powerful performance. Can you highlight the most rewarding part of playing a woman that survived against all the odds? What was the most challenging aspect of playing this character?

It was rewarding to portray a woman of such strength. During the darkest moments, she prevailed. Isabel went through hell, but something in her believed in the good in people. She felt at the core people were good, holding on to that gave her power. The biggest challenge would have to be the intensity of the character I was playing. It was hard to shake off. The realities of the various scenarios could be draining. 

The series deals with heavy and real-life topics such as domestic violence, human and slave trafficking, drug wars, and corruption. It also places a spotlight on the rising organized crime groups involved in the theft of oil. The illegal sale of motor fuel is creating a new problem for Mexico’s crime fighters. Did you have to do any research for the role? What can we do as citizens of the world to help shed light on these horrific crimes? 

Huachicoleros (pipeline thieves) was a topic I wasn’t completely familiar with. I learned more about it during this process. It was pretty clandestine in Mexico until the pipeline explosions in Mexico made news in 2010, opening up investigations into the illegal extraction of oil from pipes.

The best thing we can do is share awareness, helping in the smallest way makes a difference. Everyone can make an impact while educating themselves and others on various ways to help. I like to work with Save the Children Mexico, but there are other ways to contribute and help make the world a bit better, one kind act at a time.

Falsa Identidad is Telemundo’s most streamed content in the U.S. Season one is a fan favorite on Netflix. As a member of the Latino community, it brings joy to see others that speak or look like us on American television. Bilingualism offers increased opportunities, unimaginable to past generations. How has speaking two languages helped you in your acting career? 

I was raised in Colorado, honestly, haven’t had the urge to do projects outside Mexico or Latin America. Everyone has a different measure of success. I don’t believe to be the best means you have to only work in the American mainstream. Netflix has the capability of bringing people closer together more than ever before, which is massively important. There is no one way of doing things anymore. I am grateful to be doing what I love.

Did you learn something new about yourself while playing a stronger woman in the sophomore season of Falsa Identidad

I am always learning something new. This character has taught me resilience working on being resilient over and over again!

Why should fans get excited about seeing this new Isabel in Season 2? 

Falsa Identidad is a must-see! It is action-packed and the darkest hour of my character, Isabel.

Isabel, Camila’s character, is a warrior. A woman forced to be brave to confront the painful realities of her world. In our lifetime, plenty of us will endure hardship in our own existence, but there is an Isabel in all of us. 

Bouncing back from adversity of any kind, mental, physical, or emotional, is possible. We are built to do what it takes to survive, whether we realize it or not. The gift from it all is that we can come back stronger.

Camila Sodi reflects the beauty of an empowered woman, similar to Isabel. She is compassionate, strong in her convictions, and carries a vast amount of courage. I was drawn to her grounded nature while we discussed the series. It enforced the realization that there is a common thread among us. 

Women are filled with raw emotion that encourages us to fight back against the wrongs to our gender. The hope is for women to continue to find their inner Isabel to survive their own circumstances in life.