CAMÍNA Shares Hypnotic Balad ‘Forever and Always’ in her Debut Album ‘Te Quiero Mucho’

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When I heard Camína’s song “Forever and Always” for the first time, tears ran down my cheeks, and overwhelming feelings of grief I thought buried in the past all came rushing back. 

This mesmerizing electronic-infused trip-hop track with Latin influenced rhythms was created to honor those in Camína’s life who were taken away too soon. With a beautiful and melancholic plea to the departed “Believe when I say I miss you forever and always” Camína attempts to let them know how important they were for her and how deeply they will be missed. 

An accompanying music video reveals the sorrow within her heart through close up shots of Camína’s face as she sings and spins round and round in ever-changing colors. The production was simple: a stool, some lighting, and Camína’s willingness to communicate her pain through her soulful vocals and piercing eyes. 

The up-close-and-personal music video was shot and directed by Daniel N. Johnson, who, through his artistry, makes the viewer appreciate the beauty in sadness. Johnson who has also created videos for Black Lives Matter and the Bernie Sanders campaign had already worked with Camína in the creation of the music video for her first single “Cinnamon.” 

In an interview with Zo Magazine, Camína expresses her admiration for Johnson and his work: 

“I have known Dan for over 20 years, and he has dedicated his life to using his talents for social justice, which I deeply admire. It was effortless and so much fun to create and work together on something so deeply personal to me. He immediately understood me in a way someone who has known you for so long can. It made the process seamless and fun.”  

Camína, whose real name is Ariel Saldivar, is a Dallas-based artist who, after years of touring with Broken Social Scene and The Polyphonic Spree, decided to start her career as a solo artist with her debut album “Te Quiero Mucho” (I Love you so much.) She chose the name after a phrase she would repeat to her dog while receiving chemotherapy treatments. 

Camína considers this album to be the culmination of her life. According to a press release, in it, she dreamily wanders through personal narratives about love and loss, ruminations on current events, and finding strength in the face of adversity.

“This record is about resilience and honoring my heritage and those that have come before us,” says Saldivar.

When asked about her decision to make music as a solo artist in an interview with Diandra Reviews it All, Camína explained: 

“I feel that after doing a lot of personal reflection, in the past years, I realized I wasn’t ready. I have a real respect for art and music, and I didn’t know what I wanted to say or what I wanted to create for the world. Now that I am older and I have had more experiences, I am ready to say something. I think in life everything is timing (…) I wanted to do it right, and now everything is in place.”

The EP was just released this past October 2nd, and it features six songs, including the touching balada “Forever and Always,” as well as the politically charged song “Cinnamon” and the Spanish chanting of “Se Puede,” among others. 

According to a post on the artist’s Instagram, all of the proceeds from the first 48hrs after the album’s release will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, whose purpose is to realize the United States Constitution’s mission for all and expand the reach of its guarantees. 

Enjoy Camína’s second single “Forever and Always” music video below.