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Cardi B is Echoing the Public’s Concerns: Food Prices are Getting Ridiculous

Cardi B is Echoing the Public’s Concerns: Food Prices are Getting Ridiculous belatina latine
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Once again, Cardi B is using her platform to raise awareness on issues that affect everyday folk. 

This time around she’s talking about the increase in grocery prices. She sent out a tweet on Tuesday where she mentioned how ridiculous food inflation has gotten.

She sent a follow-up tweet asking why the price of lettuce had gone up so much. 

Many people echoed her concern.


However, others were baffled by her complaint considering she has wealth on her side. 


Though she received plenty of backlashes – more so than support – she doubled down on her comments. Cardi B, whose birth name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, posted a video explaining why she will continue to speak out. One of the reasons was because of how large her platform is and how it can get noticed by people, especially in the political realm. She also urged people to learn how to budget.

In other words, she wants to amplify the voice of the people through the resources that are readily available to her. 

But Cardi B is right to bring attention to this. Food prices are increasing – and at an alarming rate.

The recent food inflation is worrisome

As reported by CNN, food inflation is outpacing overall inflation. That is a wild observation considering many of us are constantly feeling the pressure of everyday inflation breath down our necks.

Whether the increase is due to extreme weather, diseases such as the avian flu, the war in Ukraine, the supply chain, and more, families are struggling to fill up their fridges. 

Eggs, for instance, are up to more than 49 percent since there was a recent outbreak of the avian flu. Also, since there’s crop disease spreading through California, items such as lettuce are now more expensive – just like Cardi had analyzed. In fact, lettuce’s price rose to 8 percent more than before. 

Will it get better anytime soon?

Will food inflation ease up in the near future? The short answer is no. Some financial experts and economists are expecting prices to remain elevated.

“What we’re hearing and what we expect is it’s going to be a pretty rocky fall,” Andy Harig, Vice President of tax, trade, sustainability and policy at the Food Industry Association told The Hill. “I think we’re probably into the end of the second quarter next year [2023] before we get to where it’s a little bit more stable footing.”  

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has also been urging corporations to ease down on the immense increase of prices for consumers as a main factor for this situation is seemingly driven by corporate monopolies.

In the end, it was good that Cardi B expressed her frustration about food prices because, now, many people – influential or not – are becoming hyper-aware of the situation. 

And we understand why she feels strongly about this subject. After all, this is one of her song lyrics:

“I pay my mama’s bills / I ain’t got no time to chill.  

How many of you can relate to this sentiment? 

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