Carmen DeLeon’s Empowering New Single ‘Volveras’ Is Just The Song We Needed

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Photo courtesy of Carmen DeLeon

This year calls for songs that open a vortex of comfort. It’s become a necessity to escape our reality, which is why music is more important than ever. Don’t you love when soundwaves, rhythm, and sonic mastery play with your soul? 

The Venezuelan singer, Carmen DeLeon, is reminding the world how music allows us to disconnect in this case, with her voice.  

She has proven her ability to transport us to a musical realm where we can forget our troubles, even if it’s only for a moment. This is especially true if you’re to listen to her latest single, Volveras, which was created in collaboration with the Grammy award-winning producer, Tainy.

Volveras is more than just an upbeat vibe. Through its lyrical and video content. DeLeon lets us in on the pain and relief a personal falling-out may have. She used the song as a vehicle to overcome the emotional strain this particular shift had on her and allowed her to realize her worth. 

Emotional pain isn’t perpetual. Sometimes, stepping into a new road is what’s needed to sway away from those troubled feelings, and that is exactly what DeLeon did. 

She explained that the song is about knowing that the person who’s hurt you will want to come back, and why you shouldn’t let them.

Volveras embodies the importance of self-worth, confidence, and the need to make purposeful choices. Even though her strength is highlighted in the song, she expressed having moments where she wasn’t feeling her best. 

“It’s okay not to be okay,” she told BELatina News at a recent virtual press conference. “We are all human beings, and if you need help, get it.” 

As you can see, DeLeon is one of those relatable artists people seldom get to experience.

However, this isn’t the first time DeLeon is making headlines. A few years ago, DeLeon got accepted into the Spanish version of “The Voice.” She wasn’t too keen to participate at first but gave it a try. Little did she know that she was about to become enamored with the process behind the creation of music. 

Even though she didn’t get to the end, that experience ignited her passion for singing even more. Thus, she’s been focusing on her craft ever since, which has provided her with desirable results. 

The musical journeys of artists are often filled with challenges and obstacles, and hers is no different. It has had its ups and downs as well, but she knows that the opportunity she’s been given is significant. 

DeLeon is aware of how difficult it is for anyone to succeed in the music industry, especially if you’re a woman. Thus, she hopes to continue to cultivate a path where more women, in particular women of color, can present their musical magic to the world. 

The impact DeLeon wants to create is more than a musical one, and that’s beautiful in itself. 

There’s no denying that there are many layers to Carmen DeLeon. But, for now, let’s step out of our current reality while listening to Volveras.