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What if We Celebrate Father’s Day in a Different Way?

Father’s Day is coming and, with it, endless promotions for ideal gifts. Our Latino fathers are looking forward to the weekend to unveil the grill, enjoy with the family, and receive the affection of the whole family.

But what if we celebrate Father’s Day in a different way?

Even if we have a thousand and one photos on our smartphones, they are often forgotten. Those moments that made us happy, that filled our fathers with pride, become just another number in the memory of our phones.

Enter MyPhoto, a photo memory company whose mission is to create the easiest and fastest way possible for your phone photos to decorate your home with memories.

This Father’s Day, give the gift of unforgettable moments and immortalize them in unique formats at home or in your office.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here are our favorite MyPhoto products to make the man of the house happy.

A Bamboo Photo Block for his desk

What if We Celebrate Father’s Day in a Different Way? Belatina news
Credit: myphoto.com

For the environmental dad, this product is ideal. MyPhoto’s bamboo photo blocks are durable environmentally friendly and are great for displaying an arrangement of his favorite photos.

Each block is ultra-thick and made from sustainable bamboo wood. In addition, MyPhoto ensures that each photo is printed in high definition directly on one side of the block, while the other side features the natural and unique texture of the wood.

The grandchildren’s photos won’t be left behind!

Credit: myphoto.coom

Moderna Metal from MyPhoto is ideal for making the gleam of joy in the eyes of the favorite grandchild last a lifetime.

Moderna Metal amplifies the sharpness and brightness of your favorite photo with undeniable style. Your image takes on a modern, urban look when printed in high definition on high-quality aluminum with a glossy finish.

A collage that tells a story

Credit: myphoto.com

In a 2×2 format, MyPhoto tells a story in four photos with its Acrylic Block Collages. Your photos are printed in high definition on 1″ thick acrylic for a gallery-quality look and feel. Light seems to radiate through your image adding a new dimension.

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