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It’s Time to Celebrate the First Year Anniversary of ‘Jefa in Training,’ the First-Ever Spanglish Interactive Professional Development Book

It’s Time to Celebrate the First Year Anniversary of 'Jefa in Training,' the First-Ever Spanglish Interactive Professional Development Book
Credit: Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda

It’s been an eventful year for Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda. After all, she did publish the first-ever Spanglish interactive professional development book, “Jefa in Training,” for aspiring entrepreneurial Latinas and creatives alike.  

Though she was expecting success from her book, she didn’t project the magnitude of love and support it received. It’s not that she didn’t believe in her book and in her audience. Rather, she understood that creating a following takes some time – something she’s been doing for years. A true businesswoman, through and through, she’s patient and calculated. But “Jefa in Training” surpassed her wildest dreams – and it was by no mistake.  

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write this book for our comunidad and for all of the opportunities that have come because of it,” Stoyanov Ojeda said.  

By tapping into an audience that was ravenous for the knowledge she spilled page after page – and in a language that many are acquainted with –, Spanglish, it is no wonder it took off.  

The journey of ‘Jefa in Training’ was not always smooth

She had gone to several publishing houses that were hesitant to give her a book a chance. Oftentimes, Stoyanov Ojeda was told that her audience was “too niche.” Some even went as far as to imply that Latinas didn’t need an entrepreneurial guide. (Insert eye roll here.) But that’s where they were wrong.  

Thankfully, Mango Publishing believed in her and allowed her to get her messaging across to hundreds of people in the United States. Within months, Stoyanov Ojeda had exceeded the number of sales her publishing house had set for her. And this was all thanks to the Latinas and women who were tired of the same business books that have been in the market for ages.  

People crave raw and real nowadays – and that’s what Ashley gives them in her book.  

“I am beyond excited to continue creating resources and experiences to help the new majority of entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses,” the Latina author said. 

Success stories in the first year  

Aside from being an author, Stoyanov Ojeda is a multicultural and bilingual business development consultant, strategist, and speaker. She’s been helping businesses thrive for years. However, since she’s published “Jefa in Training,” she’s found that aspiring small business owners and solopreneurs are also using her book to get started – and they’ve done it with success. 

Lisa M. and Lizette O. are some of these people.  

Lisa M. and Lizette O. are the co-founders of the music production agency, PanchaX Beatz, LLC., which focuses on the power of cuentos and the importance of allowing people to tell their own stories. Though their brand is underway, they credit the guidance from Ashley, herself, and her book for giving them the push they needed.  

“Reading ‘Jefa in Training’ was like getting advice from my favorite prima,” PanchaX Beatz’s co-founders said.  

“The bilingual/bicultural writing style made the book feel like a plática about setting up your business versus a checklist these-are-all-the-things-you-must-do kind of style. Ashley’s book helped us get our freewheeling ideas in order and focused.”   

Diana Dominguez from Más Libritos Bookstores also has benefited from reading “Jefa in Training.” 

“The book is a phenomenal guide and workbook for women of color, especially Latina entrepreneurs,” Dominguez said.   

“It was real, transparent, and applicable and it really spoke to the lived experiences of women of color as entrepreneurs, especially small business owners with a different vision outside of dominant business narratives,” she added.    

Natasha Tous, who is a corporate executive and consultant felt that she was able to serve her purpose and create a business that will give back to our community all while closing the Latina Pay and Wealth gap after reading the book.  

“I am only at the beginning of my journey and in every step of what I’ve done so far Jefa in Training has been at my side helping me define and build the foundation of my business. Excited to see how this journey unfolds and of course to continue using all the tools “Jefa in Training” offers,” Tous said.  

There are several others like the aforementioned leaders who have been able to get a clearer vision of their path after “Jefa in Training” became available. To have a book like that at our fingertips feels like a blessing. 

Understanding the impact she’s had on so many people, the “Jefa in Training” author concluded by sending her thanks to her readers and community.  

“My business has always been and always be built by and for my community. So, with that, I will say: Muchas, muchas gracias y adelante!” 

Let’s celebrate together

The first anniversary of “Jefa in Training” deserves to get all its flowers. It has not only become a vital must-read for Latinas and multicultural women, but it is also a testament that the voices of Latinas are, indeed, powerful.  

If you’ve yet to start making your jefa moves, take this as your sign. Get it going y deja el miedo. If you’ve already started your jefa journey, you can still benefit from this book. The book takes you to step by step, which allows you to feel confident about what you are building.  

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Jefas, this is your time to shine! 

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