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Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day & Support Latinx Creators

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Why is it that when we ask people what they’re doing for Valentine’s Day, they immediately assume we are asking what they’re doing for their partners? As far as my celebrations go, I have celebrated with my family and friends, as much as I do now with my partner. 

I remember how, when growing up, my brother would leave my sister and me a special card or chocolate while I bought street vendor roses for my mom and sister (still do!) Additionally, for almost five years, my close friends and I have always planned a Galentine’s Day to celebrate each other and embrace our friendship. There’s more to love than only celebrating your partner. Why set a limit?

For this month, we compiled ideas on how to celebrate all of your loved ones — all while supporting your Latinx community. 

Para tu Galentine’s: Shop at a Latinx-owned small-businesses for stationery goodies, bags, and more

We love to uplift our Latinx community and share their quirky crafts that are odes to our culture — from stationery items that encourage us, such as Hija De Tu Madre’s “Si Se Puede” notepad to funny phrased things such as EX-VOTO Design’s “Chingaderas” makeup bags that only our culture would understand.

Furthermore, you can search on social media for local vendors that facilitate your needs, whether it’s chocolate-covered strawberries, pastries, roses, etc. Support small businesses all year long!

Para la Familia: Cook/bake their favorite dish

It’s no surprise that cooking is the way to someone’s heart. And it should be since both cooking and baking could be tedious and time-consuming. The love spent making these specific dishes shows from the second you think of, and the best part of it all is when the receiver enjoys the first bite. Here’s a baking recipe for Mexican conchas we made (we only made a few changes to get them all festive for Valentine’s Day) by Cooking Con Claudia. They came out so cute!

Para tu partner (o quien sea, really): Plan out a whole-day date

Although Valentine’s Day lands on a Monday this year, that doesn’t mean everything is canceled. El día del Amor y Amistad could be any day! A perfect date idea is a brunch at a local restaurant, a drink at your local Latinx-owned bar (I’m from Los Angeles and have been personally eyeing Latina-owned Bar Flores in Echo Park), then hiking at Griffith Park to catch the sunset. Soy romantica, okay?!

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