Chamba App, an Initiative to End Unemployment

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If the United States was already experiencing an unemployment crisis before the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare crisis was the icing on the cake.

As a direct result of the nation’s shutdown and the economic turmoil that followed, people across the country continue to struggle to find work and try to get back on their feet.

This fact is particularly true for the Latino community.

Enter Chamba App — a new application designed to help people across all communities and socioeconomic groups find honest work opportunities when both individuals and the country need hard workers. 

Helping where most needed

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic hit minority groups hard, especially the Latinx community. In addition to the disproportionate health impact on the Latinx community — Hispanics and Latinos were 1.7 times more likely to contract COVID-19 than their non-Hispanic white counterparts — there was also a significant impact on Latinx workers in the United States. 

Latino workers accounted for 23 percent of the initial job loss due to the pandemic. In December of 2020 alone, Hispanic or Latina women alone accounted for 45 percent of all jobs lost. This is largely due to the fact that Latino workers are often overrepresented in industries that were hit especially hard by the pandemic, namely the hospitality, transportation, and construction fields.  

While things have gotten marginally better in recent months, the Latino unemployment rate is still far above its pre-pandemic level, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The Chamba App is more important than ever. 

The app is a networking application designed to help people who need jobs connect with companies looking to hire. 

Seems like a no-brainer, right? But for many people, including people in the Latinx community, the matching process between people looking to work and those looking to hire has not been seamless. The mission of Chamba (which is Spanish slang for “job”) is simple: “to help people find jobs through the technology we use every day. By helping companies hire, we amplify job opportunities in overlooked communities. The Chamba App team is 100% dedicated to give the best experience to those people looking for a job as well as to companies hiring in the USA.”

And the company’s values are right in the name: C – Community, H – Humility, A – Affability, M – Modeling, B – Benignity, A-Action. 

The founders of Chamba found a void in the employment universe and worked to serve their community. And since the app’s launch, they have over 30,000 users and thousands of jobs created.

“The idea of ​​”Chamba” came about because we saw a pretty great need in our Latino community, to be able to look for work in another way,” co-founder Diego Montemayor told NBC News. “It’s the easiest way to find work right now, here in the United States.” 

Imagine looking for work, seeking opportunities, and getting a job that you can start working on within days. It sounds too good to be true, but it seems to be a reality with Chamba.

Bilingüal, inclusive, and easy to use

Instructions on the app are provided in Spanish and English, and the app is designed to be user-friendly. The information you need to provide is simple (never too personal or sensitive), and the app is free for users looking to be hired — the companies pay to be connected with workers. 

“We are really proud of the product’s user-friendly interface, where job seekers and employers can connect in a single bilingual platform to meet their needs. The best of all, it’s at your palm’s reach, making the application process of jobs much simpler and faster,” explains Corina Hierro, Chamba’s Public Relations Specialist. 

The Chamba app is designed to be functional and effective, and it comes from a deep desire to serve the Latino community. 

“With the pandemic, we saw our people struggling, suffering, losing their jobs, and so we said, ‘hey, we need to step in and create something that is going to allow our community to find jobs,'” Montemayor said. “That’s how Chamba came to be.” 

So, during these complicated times for anyone looking for employment, where do you even begin navigating the job hunt? 

“Our best piece of advice to the members of the Latinx community to successfully find employment is to not give up during the job search process,” Hierro tells BeLatina. “In Chamba, we help the job seeker create a resume where they answer what skills they have, experience, list preferences, etc. It’s important to always stay truthful about relevant experience when applying to jobs and be very detailed: what makes you stand out?” 

And this is just the beginning for the Chamba app, which is really good news for its 30K+ users (and growing). Future plans for the app include adding more services and information resources for users. In addition, the Chamba team plans to explain their services to other countries outside the U.S., including Mexico, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. “We will add information based on location, so users have access to resources in their area. We will continue to grow our platform to reach millions of people who can benefit directly from Chamba,” said Hierro.

You can now download the Chamba app for iPhone or Android devices.