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Meet Chantel Robertson, the Afro-Latina Founder of Upful Blends

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Photo courtesy of Chantel Robertson.

Chantel Robertson describes herself as a sister, daughter, friend, dancer, artist… This Afro-Latina entrepreneur definitely has many hats, including plant medicine facilitator.

“As someone who experienced multiple diseases and was able to use plant medicine to heal myself, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and supporting others who are experiencing illness of any kind and are ready to transform their lives,” Robertson told BELatina.

When personal growth extends beyond

Like all stories of personal evolution, Chantel Robertson had her moment of epiphany in the middle of a journey.

For nearly a decade, Robertson had to battle multiple forms of illness — from hormonal imbalances and breast fibroids to anemia and a heart condition.

At this time, she began to experience life in a powerful way she had never seen before: through healing herself with herbal medicine.

It was a healing journey in the Honduran jungle in 2017 that would change Chantel Robertson’s life. After only investing $20 to purchase holistic herbs, her personal and professional path was wide open.

“It inspired me to share my experience and the tools that truly helped me with others. I wanted everyone to learn that they hold the ability to transform their lives into the image that they choose: to heal, to prosper, to be free,” she told us.

Upful Blends is born

A year into her spiritual journey, Chantel Robertson began creating herbal tea blends at her dining room table and shipping orders from the post office down the street. In just two years, Upful Blends already had a manufacturing center, 25 incredible team members, and an educational platform.

“I believe that we shouldn’t be manipulating the body’s healing process through an abundance of medications and processed food,” Robertson explained of the philosophy behind her platform. “Our body already knows what to do! It can create a baby. It can heal wounds. It can pump our hearts without our logical say-so. So, why not remember that our body can be as powerful as we choose it to be with the love of nourishing food, the sun, the air, and water.”

And the reviews from its users speak for themselves. Hundreds of users have found in Upful Blends the answer to their problems, as well as a new way of looking at life.

Four years after its founding, Upful Blends just closed in 2021 with $4.3 million in revenue.

Helping and paying back to the source of wisdom

Upful Blends not only draws inspiration from ancestral wisdom for its products but also wants to help indigenous communities.

Chantel Robertson makes sure to purchase herbs from indigenous tribes in South America with a commitment to sustainable harvesting, and Upful Blends offers sufficient paid work to medicine facilitators from these villages.

Upful Blends also contributes a portion of all sales to tree planting for the Yawanana of Brazil in support of revitalizing their lands.

“Lastly, we are proud to partner with the Sapara Nation from the Ecuadorian Rainforest to create a new pedagogy from the living wisdom of the forest that will be shared with schools around the world,” Robertson concluded.

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