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Chef James Whips Up More Delicious Food for BELatina TV

The latest episode of BELatina TV really upped the ante. James and Karent went on different adventures and, as usual, taught us a thing or two. And the laughs were not lacking during the episode, as Karent drove for almost three hours to get to one of the destinations. But we won’t disclose everything because where’s the fun in that? 

We will tell you that they visited Kampgrounds of America and Karent brought her friend Mari for a 5-star bra-fitting experience at Soma Intimates. There was so much that happened at each location, so make sure you tune in to see everything that went down. 

Now, all that adventure can make anyone work up an appetite! That’s why it’s so great Chef James is always onboard to share his culinary expertise with us — and you, of course!

For this episode, James equipped us with a couple of delicious recipes anyone can make while they’re outside. He made a melted cheese Caprese, pork ribs, and dulce de leche crepes. How amazing does that sound? 

Whether camping or grilling, it doesn’t matter; these recipes will still taste just as great. James did let us in on a secret ingredient: using spices from Honest Farm. At BELatina, we can attest that these are some of the best spices we’ve ever tried. 

Find the complete recipes below. 

Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag #BELatinaTV so we can see how well you did with the recipes!

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