Meet Christina Koch, Latina Hormonal Balancing Fitness Coach

Christina Koch Hormones Hormonal Fitness Coach BeLatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Christina Koch - Instagram

We can safely say that the strength of Latinas only increases as the years go by, even as their bodies transform due to the shifting of hormones. However, navigating life after hormonal changes can require some alterations and sometimes some guidance as well. Thankfully, women are often uplifting one another with their expertise. In fact, this is exactly what Christina Koch, whose maiden name is Christina Melendez, is doing at the moment. 

Christina Koch is a Salvadoran-descent Latina who is a self-proclaimed hormonal balancing fitness coach. She helps women lose stubborn fat as well as balance their hormones. 

Recently, BELatina News had the pleasure of chatting with Christina Koch, so we could learn more about a skill that has helped hundreds of women regain confidence. 

Here is what she had to say:

BELatina: So, tell us a bit about yourself and your roots.

Christina Koch: So, my grandmother came from Tegucigalpa, Honduras where she married my grandfather, and they lived in San Salvador. They eventually had two children. During that time, my grandfather became a pharmacist. However, due to some civil unrest, they decided to immigrate to California with their two small children. They ended up settling in San Francisco, and that affected my grandfather’s career.

BL: Oh, wow. In what sense?

CK: Well, my grandfather couldn’t practice being a pharmacist anymore because his credentials were not accepted in California. However, being the gentleman that he always was, he worked all kinds of jobs to help his family move forward. He did a lot of this to make sure his children [my father and aunt] would go to Catholic school, which he was able to do. However, my father had a hard time with his biculturalism. He stopped speaking Spanish and only spoke it to his parents. Everywhere else, it was only English for him. I think he felt very ostracized, very not a part of the kids, even though they lived in an area where I’m sure a lot of different cultures lived. But that didn’t change the fact that he grew up to be a man that helped guide me and encouraged me to work on my goals. 

BL: It is great that you are so in touch with your roots. These types of stories are so important to the Latinx community as well. 

CK: Yes, it’s part of my identity, and it means a lot to me. 

BL: So, we can assume that the strength of your past generations has helped you pave your road, right?

CK: Oh, yes. It’s built the confidence in me needed to go after my passions. 

BL: Now, tell us. How did you end up becoming a hormonal balance coach?

CK:  Well, I’ve always loved being active. And that actually goes back to my dad because he used to take us camping and backpacking. He was a lover of the outdoors, and he definitely instilled that in me where being outside and enjoying nature was important. I will say that I did have a career before I became a fitness coach — I used to be a massage therapist. So, I worked in the spa industry for many years. I’ve always been around wellness and helping people. That allowed me to get into fitness and become a fitness instructor. I actually started off working in different gyms. 

BL: And, what made you switch completely into fitness?

CK: I got laid off around the start of the pandemic. I lost my job, so I was kind of like, “oh my gosh, what am I going to do?”  It was crazy. You know, I was wondering how I was going to survive on unemployment. I wasn’t sure how to do it. So, I decided that I would start working on my own business. At that point, I knew part of my game plan was to work with women because I could relate to them the most. Not to say that I have any problem working with men because I don’t. But I just feel as though I can help women more. Once I had solidified my plan, it kind of evolved as I continued to help women lose weight. 

BL: How did you gain these results?

CK: I just kept seeing a common thread. People kept coming to me with concerns about how their weight was stuck or that they were feeling a certain way. And as I started to unravel it, I realized it was all due to hormones. I had actually gone through these weird health conditions, such as not sleeping or hot flashes, a few years back. However, I didn’t know that it had had anything to do with my hormones at the time. Now I know. And now I realize that I helped myself through my nutrition and by changing how I approach exercise. So, that experience helped me understand what I wanted to focus on in terms of my fitness business. I want to help women learn how to work with their hormones. 

BL: So interesting. How old are your clients usually?

CK: I see all types of clients. Some women I see are even in their 20’s. Although, the majority are past 30 and then well into the early 60s. I help each of them lose weight and teach them about proper nutrition. Also, I make sure they understand what’s going to work best for their bodies, especially since bodies are constantly changing. 

BL: It’s incredible how diligent you are. What did you do to prepare yourself?

CK: I joined a coaching program for myself. So it’s like a mentoring program for fitness professionals where they help you grow. And it was a significant investment. For whatever reason, it spoke to me and it’s helped me make an impact on my clients. At first, I was so scared because it was quite a hefty investment, but it was so worth it. 

BL: That’s great! And how can people reach you and benefit from your expertise? 

CK: People can send me a DM via Instagram for a consultation. The consultation is 100 percent free. Through there, we can talk and see if we are a good fit for one another. Since we will be speaking often, I want to make sure all parties involved are comfortable and understand the fitness expectations as well as see the value of my program. However, there is so much access to me. I even go on an IG Live every day at 4:55 PM for five minutes. Also, if anyone has any fitness or hormone-related questions, I’m happy to answer them without any issue. I actually give a lot of free information on my Instagram page and I’m for it. This is like a little family and that makes me happy. Overall, I just want to empower women and allow them to feel like their best selves. 

BL: Wonderful! Now, is there anything else you would like to share?

CK: I’m doing what I love. I want to help people. I want to educate them and just share that small things can make a difference. My vision is to help as many women as I can and to feel good, to look good if that’s what they want. I mean, if they feel like they’ve lost something because of weight gain or just feeling down, then I want to uplift them. I’ve helped many already and can’t wait to help many more.